The Book

The Book

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I don't know if the MC's been posted or even if his name was spoiled so I made one up myself. I hope that's okay...



I look up, somewhat expecting it being for me. A short brown haired girl runs up to a short black haired girl not from where I am.

My eyes start to wonder around the school campus, glancing at odd events. I see a girl sitting next to one of the trees on the other side of the school grounds reading a book. I can't tell much from where I'm standing but she has short yellow hair and it looks like her book bag is a dark yellow.

The tree I'm leaning against starts to dig into my back and I sit up, shaking my pants so dirt knocks off of it. I can't help but sigh at this situation.

I'm going to live here for almost a year. I need to at least try and make friends, so I might as well start with her.

Walking up to her, I can start to make out more and more. Her hair is actually long but it's tied up in a pony tail, she's wearing glasses, and the book she's reading looks old and green. Her book bag has some papers sticking out of the top of it.

“Hi! I' here?”

It occurs to me that along the way here, I never thought about how exactly I was going to introduce myself.

“Are you asking me that? Because if you are, I would say that you are a new student.”

As I snap back to reality, the girl that sits before me is trying to hold back a laugh.

“Er...Yes, I am a new student, sorry. My name is Karl.”

“I'm Leni Grimm," I can hear a slight giggle, "It's very nice to meet you, just Karl.”

If I was in acting school I would seem like a genius. Maybe I should think of a career change.

“My full name is Karl Hilbert.”

“So what do you need from me? Are you lost or something?”

Now that I'm closer, I can see she actually has her lip pierced and also one under her lip. The rims on her glasses are dark black. Her hair is kind of like a dirty blonde with black or brown roots. I can't make out her eye color, the shade of the tree makes them appear black.

“I'm not lost... And I can't really say I need anything. Wouldn't mind a bit more spending money.”

Her head tilts a little, a piece of her falls in front of her face.

“For what?”

Now that I start to think, everything is paid already. The room, food during lunch, hell even the books we use in the classrooms are paid up front.

“What if I want to order out?”

She slides her book into her bag and stands up to stretch.

“The cafeteria serves a dinner course. It's not always good but you don't have to pay for delivery chargers, so it's cheaper.”

“Oh, do they? I guess I didn't know.”

“I know. You are new, after all,” a small grin forms on her face, “but do you need someone to show you around?”

“I walked around a bit myself, and one of the people from the staff showed me around, but it would be nice for an actual student to show me stuff and not someone just pointing me out where something is.”

“I'm not going to show you around school. The school grounds are boring, lets go to the city!”

Her hand points to a random direction, as if she's trying to show me something.

This feels like deja vu. Didn't I just say I didn't want to be pointed and told where or what something was?

“ I thought we weren't allowed outside.”

“What? No, only some students are not allowed outside. Are you one?” her arm slowly falls to her side.

“I-I don't know, how can I tell?”

“Do you want to kill or harm yourself and/or others?”

My mouth drops a little, unsure how to answer her question. Its directness has left me partially speechless.


“Then you'll be fiiine,” she says as she grabs my hand.

“Where are we going?”

“To the girls dorm! I have to get my money.”

After a few minutes of awkward walking, we stand in front of the dorm. It is almost like a copy of the boys but from the windows, you can tell it is not because most of the shades are different colored. Some windows also have stickers or a sign placed in them but it's too hard to make out what they are or say.

Inside is different from the boys dorm. The walls are a light shade of yellow, the dorm board is filled with fliers for events or tutoring lessons. The general atmosphere feels nicer as well.

As we reach her room, her hand stops at the handle. I watch as she turns around and looks at me, slightly blushing.

“I, um, will just be a second. You're welcome to come in but please be careful.”

What? 'Please be careful.' What does she mean?

“Should I just...stay out in the hallway?”

“N-no. My room is just a bit messy.”

I swear I can hear a gulp come from her throat as her door slowly opens. My first impression is her room is dark, the window shades are closed but a crack of light shines through. Her yellow hair turns into gold from the light and my heart skips a beat.

Looking back into the room, a mix of black and green colors twist around as my eyes slowly begin to adjust to the rooms light. It feels smaller than mine, as if it was made differently, until I notice that the walls don't actually reach the height of the ceiling.

“Is there something wrong with your walls? Or do you have a lot of box against them?”

“Oh-um-well...” she begins to trail off, until she takes a deep sigh.

“They're books.”

Books? They can't all be books.

My head slightly twists so my eyes can look at her, but her face is looking towards the ground. Turning back around my eyes are now quickly adjusting to the room, and looking back into it, I see stacks of books.

As my feet shuffle themselves into the room, the smell I hadn't noticed before becomes overwhelming. It's the smell of books that haven't been opened in a long time. Looking through the stacks, it becomes apparent to me that they are actually sorted.

One stack looks like it's based on outer conditions, scratches and gouges in the binding and covers. One stack looks perfect; my hands reach for one of the books. From my minor flipping through I can start to see that some of the pages are actually bent.

As I set the book down, one of my hands reaches up to my nose, holding it. The smell has got to me.

“Is it the smell?”

She pops into the corner of my eye, a small smile on her face.

“That's what I love about books the most. Each have a very similar smell, but in reality each ones smell is unique.”

My head slightly nods before I can even think of an answer. I feel something tap my shoulder and my body jerks forward, bumping into a stack of books in front of me. A small laugh can be heard from behind me.

“A-Are you okay? I didn't mean to scare you! I just wanted you to put the book back in the right stack...”

Even in the dim light of the room, I can see her eying the book I was just skimming through.

“Oh no! No, I was just-just, um-” my brain scrambles to find a good word. There's an awkward silence in the air as I just stare at her with my mouth open.

She can't hold it any longer and lets out a laugh.

“These books are my favorite. I have a bit of a book collecting problem.” Her hand takes the book I had prior and places it in the stack to the right.

“Oh.” I try to say nonchalantly as I stumble to my feet. Once again, I'm shaking my pants.

“Shouldn't we be going? I grabbed my money.”

Her quickness to change the subject tells me it's better to just drop it at this point. I nod my head, signaling that I both accept both.

I'm first to leave the room, my noise still tingling from the shock it has had. I watch as she locks her door, then faces me with a smile.


It's at this time that I first can tell what color her eyes are, they are hazel.

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