Winter's Light

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Winter's Light

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Josh stares out at the courtyard frosted over in white and muses it doesn't suit him. White is a symbol of innocence, of purity, and he'd lost those things on the winter night the house was lit up not by Christmas lights, but by the blinking red and blue of cop cars. There were swears coming from the neighbor's side. Being pulled back to face his grandparents with plastered on smiles as his mom and dad were off "taking care of things". People would say he was too young to have realized but he'd known even then that things weren't okay.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to make everyone happy... whispers the memory of his mom's defeated voice.

A bitter smile stretches it's way across his lips like it always did when he thought back to that winter. It wouldn't be the last one where life was smashed with a hammer of despair and everyone was left to pick up the scattered pieces. Still though, he couldn't bring himself to hate winter or the holidays. The dark, cold current of the past was always there and waiting to drag him under but... there was a warm light too. In the darkest of times, the light shined the brightest. The joy on his little brother's face as they'd gone to see what Santa had left them beneath the tree a couple weeks later. The tired but warm light in his father's eyes when he'd told them, "Mommy's gonna be out of the hospital in time to spend Christmas with us."

Even now after the dark waters inside him carried him from everything he'd tried to cling to there was light in the darkness. True the innocence and purity of snow no longer suited him, his black jackets and jeans long having been a better fit, but there was light all around when he opened his heart to feel it. He closed his eyes, thinking of the faces of those that had claimed him since coming here, There's Joachim, Erik, and of cour-

A hand came down on his shoulder. It was gentle but the unexpected touch made him jump all the same. A familiarly soft laugh came from behind him and he turned around. "El," the young man said, smile becoming wider. "I was wondering when you'd arrive."

"Sorry, something came up with the Astronomy Club," his girlfriend said, good natured annoyance in her tone. "They were throwing a party of their own but a schedule mix up had it at the same time as ours and the room we're renting out was double booked... So we had to go talk to the secretary and get that all straightened out..."

"Yikes," Josh groans. "You'd think Jo would've caught on. He was helping me set up for the party and mentioned that his club was having one..."

Ela pushes her hair out of her face and readjusts her beloved beret. "I don't think it's really their fault. They didn't get their room until today because a lot of their members were going home for the holidays. This party was supposed to be for whatever students were staying over the break so we were given the bigger room. They wanted a slightly bigger space than the club room in case anyone brought dates but they didn't need this one, so I'm not sure how the mix up happened..." she explains, the last bits coming out as a rushed sigh.

"Our party's pretty much ready to roll. Between me, Jo, and Eric I think all the tables are set up. The first batch of punch is ready for anyone to grab a cup and I think Fran convinced Nell to make another batch of cookies?"

"Did they convince her or nag her until she did it?" Ela asks, reaching to grab his hand.

"Fran claims they convinced her and I haven't had time to find Nell to ask," Josh replies, giving her hand a squeeze. "Anyways, you ready?" The two exchange a warm smile and head towards the party they've been setting up. The dark waves inside Josh are no longer crashing so violently. He knows better than any they aren't calm forever but he's here for now, basking in the warm light of the one he cherishes most, and right now, that's enough.
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