Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Postby PKMNthiefChris » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:31 pm

He tries to ignore them, those eyes. But whenever his own are shut, he can see them. So brown, like his own. So much cleverness and once so full of light. They've gone dim as time went on. When he notices the dimness he wonders, sometimes, if he could've done more to guard that light. If he could've protected the belief that the whole world was good. But usually in the hustle and bustle of life he can't think such thoughts and so sets them aside always promising himself, I'll talk to him later. He never does. If you made him tell you the truth, he would say he should've had the conversation a long time ago. But he never does and no one ever asks.

He put off the conversation, and it's cost him. Those dim eyes meet his and he sees pain. They're stained with it. He'll say something, anything to put a smile in them. The face they're on may twitch from the smile on its lips but it never reaches the eyes. He'll accept it, for now though. I'll put the smile back in those eyes later, he swears. This is just the first step. He never will. It's his fault the smile left in part, though he'll never accept that. He can't bring it back. It's not his place. But he doesn't know that and it's something no one will say.

Pain-filled eyes shake with unshed tears and gleam with bottomless anger. He wraps his arms around his son trying to pass on comfort to ease the things he sees in his son's eyes. Josh does not hug him back. Josh just shakes, the tic that cost him his place rampaging out of control just like his emotions. He whispers in Josh's ear that he'll fix things. Josh doesn't say a thing. The words of adults, especially parents, are hollow. He's done waiting for someone to save him. He's done expecting salvation. He's done here. Nothing is left for me. he thinks tiredly. There was nothing left a long, long time ago.
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