Stormy Glory and Jackets

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Stormy Glory and Jackets

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This is just a small look at part in a larger work I'm currently mapping out. This is a scene planned for mid-beginning that I wrote out as some practice.

As the storm poured down I shot out of the dorm. After the last few days, I needed to lose myself in the erratic winds, the crackles of thunder, the flashes of lightning, and the downpour of water. My jacket was still on my bed where I'd left it earlier but the chill didn't reach me. I laughed as the thunder boomed. Freedom, I thought ecstatically. That's what a storm is. It can do whatever it wants. Help whatever it helps, hurt whatever it hurts, and go wherever it pleases. And no one can blame it, no one can stop it. I let the rain wash over me soaking through my casual clothes to my skin. My hair was dripping wet. I ran down the path feeling the wind at my back, laughing like the mad man I sometimes believed myself to be. This wasn't the laughter of a young man hiding his pain though, this was the laughter of release, however brief. Laughter of relief, however short. A young man laughing like a little kid.

In the center of the courtyard I paused to catch my breath and leaned back against the tree. I still laughed and the rain mixed into my eyes blurring my vision like tears and making my eyes ache slightly, familiarly. I stayed there, I don't know how long, leaning against the tree feeling the energy of the storm all about me. At some point though, the sound of footsteps on pavement and a voice reached my ears, "Josh, what are you doing out here with no coat!? You're soaked, you must be freezing!"

The voice was familiar, a girl's voice, one I'd heard many times, a voice I'd answered. Her voice. I shrugged, turning to greet the brown haired girl bearing a beret. "El, stormy nights are my glory and I don't mind getting a little wet."

"At least put on a coat or something, do you want to get sick?"

"I just... felt like getting soaked?" I say lamely, uncertain how much I want to explain about myself and my love of storms. "I'll be okay, this isn't my uniform and I've got a coat in the dorm."

"Take mine," she said, pulling it off and putting it over me.

I'm stunned. Not just because her coat is a bit too small and restricts my movement, which it does, but because this is probably the closest I've ever been to a girl physically. If my mind was clear but erratic while running about in the storm, my mind is clouded but calm now. "Um... Thank you?" I said, not meaning for it to sound like a question.

Ela smiles at me warmly, pulling away. "Of course, don't want my friend to catch a cold."

I blurt the first thing that comes to mind as my brain starts to reboot. "Isn't the gentleman supposed to put his coat over the cute girl?"

"You've insisted on more than one occasion that no matter how kind you are, you're no gentleman, Josh. And besides it wasn't like you had a coat to give."

I laughed, trying to cover my embarrassment as my words catch up to me. I called her cute and I offered a jacket I didn't have? Joshua Adams, you definitely look like an idiot now, I thought to myself. "No, I suppose I don't, do I?" I replied aloud. "Thanks, Ela." I didn't really need the jacket, being rained on in my t-shirt and jeans is hardly an unfamiliar or even unwelcome experience but... The concern she showed me felt nice.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to the dorm though?" the student council president asks, pulling off her beret as it gets tugged at by the wind. "I did give you the jacket so you wouldn't get sick."

Damn it, El... "Okay fine," I sighed. "You win. No more storm running for tonight."

I pushed off the tree and got to my feet. I tilted my head in the general direction of the dorms. "I'm gonna head back, do you want to follow me and get the jacket before you head back to your dorm or do you want me to give it to you in class tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow's fine, Josh," Ela replied with a smile. "It's not supposed to be raining in the morning, so I won't need it."

We part there, her with a smile still on her face and me with my heart much lighter than it had been all week.
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Re: Stormy Glory and Jackets

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I wanna read more about this! Josh seems like an interesting character.

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