A Meeting by the Pool- Sam fanfic

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A Meeting by the Pool- Sam fanfic

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Yo. Name's BoredomTM, or whatever abbreviation you'd like to call me. This is my first actually published fanfic. I plan on keeping up this.

"I'm pretty sure Miss Sanchez is there," Ela tells me as she pushes a large, hefty-looking
cardboard box to my chest, wearing the most persuasive smile she can conjure, "just tell her
that everything is as she ordered."
"And I don't get even a hint on what's inside this package?" I protest, half-jokingly. "This could
be a bomb or a box full of drugs for all I know."
Ela's smile stiffens and sours at the mock accusation. It's either I've gotten too close for comfort
to the truth, or she just doesn't like dark humor. Mostly the latter, if I had to guess. In retrospect,
I don't think it's a real knee-slapper of a joke, either. I cough in a feeble attempt to clear the
sudden awkward silence that has begun to creep in between us.
"It's just the trophies and medals the swim team won from the last meet, if you must know," Ela
finally says, with a sigh.
"Ah... I see," I mutter in return, further proving that I'm the world's foremost expert in elite
"Uh-huh... then, I'll be entrusting this one to you, Erik?"
"Y-Yeah, sure. I can do that."
"Wonderful!" she claps her hands together, her smile brightening once more, much to my relief.

After exchanging our farewells, I slide out of the student council office, and Ela disappears again
behind the fearsome stack of paperwork on her desk. It's actually rather impressive she
somehow eventually finishes reading and approving all those- she's either just that responsible,
or she's a closet masochist. You can never pay me enough just to read all that bureaucrat-ese.
I thus begin to trudge away with the big box under my arm, running the directions she gave
through my mind once again. Ela said that the school's swimming pool is "just" one kilometer
away from this building, which is 1. proof that this school is too big for its own good and 2. that's
more or less a thousand more meters than my legs can take me with such a formidably heavy
box in tow.

I raise my free hand in pretend surrender at the thought as I descend the first flight of stairs. It's
not as if Ela's going to let me refuse once she's roped me into helping her, anyway. She may be
too nice and sweet to use overt threats on people she needs favors from, but I'm pretty sure
she'll just rain down inspirational speeches about "school spirit" and "sense of community" on
me until I resign myself to my fate. Might as well jump straight into the inevitable.
If nothing else, I can use the distraction. Being on the move, as laborious as it is, certainly beats
lounging around like a bum at the dorm common room along with people I don't know.

The breeze is a bit chilly, but otherwise pleasant, complemented by the gentle warmth of the
cinnamon-colored afternoon sun. There's almost nothing around me save for the melodic
rustling of the trees, and the light drizzle of leaves dancing earthward, carpeting the walkway
with a mat of reds and browns and golds. It's rather beautiful in a melancholy way, but much
less so, I can imagine, for the poor schmucks who'll have to sweep this sooner or later.
It took all of my stamina and spiritual fortitude, but I nonetheless reach the fabled building where
the school pool is.

One step inside, the chlorine smell fills up my nostrils, it's almost nauseating. I wonder how the swimmers get used to this smell daily. The pool us entirely blue and white, from the bleachers to the
walls and floor. The clear water shines, reflecting the sunlight that squeezes in through the openings on the roof. Contrary to Ela’s claims, however, there is not a single soul around. The area is silent, safe from the water gently hitting the walls of the pool. Carefully
placing the box on a nearby bleacher, and sitting next to it, I take out my cellphone from my pocket, only to realize
that I forgot to take Ela’s number. Amazing. Just as I am about to sigh at the pointlessness of my quest,
the sound of footsteops grab my attention. A male figure walks into building, and they notice me sitting next to the cardboard box. As we stare at each other in an awkward silence, I notice they wear a green bow on his long-ish hair.

“Uh...hello? Who are you?” A feminine voice is the first to break the silence. Apparently there's a thing about this school and its male-looking girls.

“Oh, sorry, I’m Erik. The student council president told me to bring this box for Miss Sanchez.” I
say, standing up from the bleacher. The girl moves closer to inspect the box. As she approaches me, I notice that despite wearing the male uniform, she is actually well endowed, and cute. Her bust grabs my attention, and I can't help but stare at it. Sam looks up at me, and I sheepishly dodge my eyes from her chest.
“Call me Sam. And Miss Sanchez had to go take care of some paperwork. I can take care of
this.” she says, opening the cardboard box and inspecting the contents. I can now get a sense of why the box was so heavy. It contains the medals and trophies of what I can assume to be a future swimming competition. Sam grabs a gold medal, and holds it up to her eyes. She smiles at it.

"So...do you swim?" I ask, trying to break the ice. Making new friends would be a good idea,w wouldn't it? I've been lonely ever since I got here, safe from chatting with other students from my class. Sam doea not acknowledge me, and instead continues to shuffle through the contents of the box.

"Nah, I don't know how to swim. I just help Ms. Sanchez with her job, usually. You could say I'm her assistant. Anyway, I can take this box. Just tell me where to sign." she says. Sam grabs the box, but it appears to be too heavy for her. She has trouble lifting it, but finally manages to lift it up to waist lenght, but it's apparent that she's about to lose her balance.

“Careful, the box is really-” as I say, it’s already too late. Sam loses her balance, and trips back. She loses her grip from the box, sending it up the air.. “-heavy! Whoa!”

The box flies to my direction, hitting me in the chest. I'm stunned for a moment, but I manage to hold on to the box before it falls to the ground.
I hear water splashing, though. Sam has lost her balance completely, and has fallen into the pool. I rush and place the box back at the bleachers, and wait for a few seconds. I expect Sam to burst out of the water at any moment, ready to blame me for her fall. That doesn’t happen.

“Sam…?” I step closer to the pool, looking for the girl. All I can see is the blurry red of the
uniform jacket under the water. Wait...she did say that she can't swim, right? I get increaaingly worried, she’s
still not moving. Oh no. Calling for help would be futile, as there is no one anywhere near to the
pool building. As desperation starts taking over my entire body, I realize that the only thing I can do is try
to rescue her myself. But what about my leg? No, I need to do this. I take off my glasses and shoes, placing them in the bleachers. I breathe in to build up my courage, and walk up to the border of the pool.
Placing my hand near the border, Iook down, and I can still see her red jacket in the bottom of the pool. Without thinking twice, I jump into the pool, sinking down and hitting the bottom. The cold water sends shivers down my spine. Leg, please don't fail me today. I open my eyes under the water, and search for Sam. There, I can see her blurry red uniform. I swim up to it carefully, not too fast so as to not hurt my leg. I reach my hand up to grab Sam and I hold on to...nothing?! What? I hold on to her uniform and, about to lose my breath, swim up to the surface. I struggle to catch my breath, and swim up to the border of the pool. Holding on to the ledge, I pull up Sam's empty uniform to my eyes, confused. I look back down the water, but I can't see anything. How did I miss her? Is she still down the water?
The very next second, I feel someoke tapping on my shoulders. Startled, I let go of the ledge, sinking down the pool for two seconds. As I pull myself up the ledge again, I look up. Sam is standing out of the pool, dripping wet, smiling. She starts to laugh.

"Hahaha! I really got you there, didn't I? Amazing, I didn't expect you fall for it this badly!" Sam smiles at me, and I am confused. She takes a few steps back and runs in my direction, leaping. I lower my head, and the girl flies above me, landing a perfect dive. She soon emerges from the middle of the pool, and swims to my direction. "But...I...I thought you couldn't swim!" I am confused. Did I really fall for such a poor taste prank?

"Oh come on, Erik, the assistant of the swimming teacher cannot swim? You can' be so naive." Sam smiles at me, and I get increasingly angry. I’ve known this girl for
five minutes but I already hate her. Sam swims up to my direction and grabs me by the hand, dragging me to the middle of the pool.

“Haha, look at your face! You were so worried!” Sam smiles at my angry face, genuinely happy
at the entire situation. Her wet hair drips into her face as she speaks.

“What the hell was that?!” as I shout, her smile disappears, being replaced by a shocked
expression. I can’t contain my anger at her. “I thought you were drowning or something! I was

“Drown? Me? Pffft!” Sam starts laughing at me again. I shake my head and start swimming
away from her and into the ladder. “Let me reintroduce myself. Samantha Goldberg. Champion swimmer of St. Dymphna, future champion swimmer of Austria. I can’t just drown
like this. Plus, it’s all your fault I got wet in the first place.”

“So, you just decided to prank me that...that...you're dying?” I yell at her, pulling my hand away from her grasp. My uniform is drenched and I’m freezing inside. I need a shower and new clothes.

“Exactly!” she shouts back, floating around idly in the water. "Come on. Admit it. I got you there."
Shaking my head, I wipe the water away from my eyes.

"Yeah...I'll have to admit it. You're pretty good at this." This makes Sam smile again. She sinks back to the water, and swims under me. I follow her with my eyes, as the girl reaches the ledge of the pool. She signals me to follow, and I swim back to the border of the pool, slowly.

"Of course, I practiced this a lot. Still, you're my first real victim. And it worked out perfectly!" she says, proud of herself. She climbs out of the pool, and extends her arm to me. I hesitate for a moment, but grab on to her hand. Her wet hand has wrinkles from the moisture. Sam helps me climb out of the pool, and grabs on to her drenched uniform jacket.

"But hey, don't feel bad about it. I'll make it up for you. Why don't we meet up tomorrow for lunch? I'll pay for everything. Anything for my new friend and prank target." she says, wringing out her wet uniform. Her white shirt is transparent, I can see her black bra underneath her clothes. I force my eyes out of her chest.

"Uh..sure. I suppose lunch would make up for it." I say. As angry as I feel, free food is good enough for a prank. Plus, I do need to make new friends at school. Eating out with a cute girl for free is something all teenagers would like.

"Great! I'll be waiting for you at the school gate by 11. Be there!" she says, grabbing the heavy cardboard box effortlessly and walking into a door. Yup. She planned this from the start.

I pick up my glasses and put them on, water drips to the lenses instantly. Holding my dry shoes, I walk out of the pool building, leaving a wet trail behind. The autumn breeze instantly hits me, and the fact that I'm soaked definitely does not help. I feel cold. Walking back to the dormitories, thinking about getting a warm shower and lying on bed for the rest of the day, I realize that I should reconsider helping Ela next time around.

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