A New Life? Chapter 2

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A New Life? Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Fran lead the way to the cafeteria. I noticed some students kind of looking at us weird but I figured as much would happen. Somehow I doubt that people have to high an opinion of Fran with the ambiguousness and all. I felt a little guilt over the relief of being able to pass well enough that no one was outright questioning me but I knew better than to take that at face value.

It seemed like she was leading me to a table where a lone blonde sat. "That's Natalya, her and her sister are from Russia." Fran stated suddenly. I was lost in anxiousness of so many people nearby that I almost missed it. It appeared like Natalya was more engrossed in her phone than eating though.

"Nat we have another transfer student. This is Aimi." Fran announced as we reached the table.

After a brief pause she looked up at us, "Hello I am Natalya. I hope we can be Fran-ds."

I groaned inwardly at the very obvious pun, "Nice to meet you Natalya I am Aimi."

"I grabbed to much spaghetti, would you like the rest?" Natalya asked.

"No." Fran replied

I looked at her fork and it was clean, to clean. Oh great this seems like it will go wonderfully. What was it that the psychiatrist had mentioned about people with similar disorders again? Something about how similar disorders can worsen between the people that have them if they are close or something. "Nah I ate earlier and still kinda full."

Natalya eyed me somewhat suspiciously. Did I try to cover it up to much? As my mind started to derail another blonde came up to the table. "Natalya why haven't you touched your food?" they questioned. More like interrogated it seemed.

Natalya mumbled something that I missed. The new arrival turned towards me, "My name is Sofiya and this is my sister. Who are you and did Fran drag you here?"

Looks like I am getting interrogated now. "I am Aimi." These introductions were starting to get redundant, "Fran invited me to join with for lunch." I noticed I was the only one still standing and took a seat. Ok brain lets remember to do simple actions now.

"Where is your lunch then?" Sofiya asked.

"I had a large breakfast and still kinda full." May as well make sure I keep the same story. If it is mentioned enough times they may believe it.

Sofiya eyed me closely. I suspect she knows something given how skinny I am and her sister's seemingly likely condition. She decided not to pursue it though and Natalya spoke up.

"Do you like jokes?"

"Sure." I guess I like jokes though whether we have the same humor is a different question.

"Tell us one then." Natalya continued.

Ok well here goes nothing then. I started my joke, "3 guys go to Hell and the Devil decides he will make them a deal. If they can climb 100 steps then they can go to heaven but if they can't then he will remove their dick the way of their fathers' profession. Each step gets more painful are harder than the last. The guys agree and the first guy goes up and comes back down after 25 steps. I can't do it he says. The devil asks what his father's profession is. Carpenter. Looks like I am hammering it off then. The second guy goes up 50 steps and comes back down. I can't do it. What is your father's profession. Lumberjack. Looks like I am sawing it off. The last guy goes up one step and comes back down. My father was a candyman, looks like you are sucking it off."

Silence. After a few seconds Sofiya and Fran start laughing and Natalya is very red and looks mortified. Well first appearances I thought the sisters would be the other way around.

"Can you tell another one?" Fran asked, feigning innocence while still laughing.

"Umm how about we talk about something else." Natalya said, still very red in the face.

The bell rang signaling the start of the afternoon classes at that moment. Well looks like you got saved Nat, but I will corrupt your mind later. As we packed up that's when I noticed that Sofiya wasn't in a school uniform. "Aren't you a student?"

Sofiya looked up, "No I go to school in the city and visit my sister to make sure she eats."

Well that confirms for me that she has some type of ED. "Well it was nice meeting you, hope to see you again soon."

After classes ended for the day I went back to the dorms. I grabbed my headphones from my room and took off again in search of a secluded spot. May as well keep up the gymnastics and martial arts. Though I was strictly told to back off exercising I wasn't going to put all my years of work to waste.

A few hours later I confirmed that there seems to be a few good spots. Now to wait until night so less people have a chance of seeing me. Walking towards the dorm it felt like someone was following me. I immediately pulled off my headphones and turned around to be greeted by seeing Fran.

"Now you notice me. Only been trying to get your attention for awhile now." Fran stated.

"Sorry I was letting my mind wander."

"If you are looking for secluded spots to take the girls why not ask me? I know all the best places." Fran teased.

"Well if you are volunteering then let's go."

Fran appeared slightly taken aback. "Jeez don't tease me like that. I may accept."

Fran continued, "So what eating disorder do you have?"

I froze. Well shit I guess I wasn't hiding it as well as I thought. I sighed in defeat, "Anorexia Nervosa. Technically not an eating disorder. More like the eating disorder is a byproduct."

Fran paused and appeared to be thinking. They then decided on something it appeared, "Well you do you. I won't try to make you do anything."

I was slightly taken aback at the bluntness and quick acceptance, "Thanks I think."

"You're welcome. When did you last eat last though I am curious?"

"You'd rather not know."

"Ok then. Well how about we exchange numbers for now at least." Fran pulled out a phone.

"Sure" I pulled out mine.

"Well I have somewhere to be. Sexy things and stuff you know." Fran teased.

"Can't be too sexy without me." I replied and turned to head back to my room for now.

To be continued

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