Valentines' Day Fanfiction Competition Thing

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Valentines' Day Fanfiction Competition Thing

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Despite what you may be thinking, it is in fact still Valentine's Day on the uninhabited Howland Island in the Pacific for another 30 minutes, so I'm totally not late to the competition. I apologise in advance for my terrible writing skillls.

Break of Dawn
By TheCrusaderKing

Jordan was not like other boys, he had always known that. That’s why they had sent him here in the first place, right? To live amongst the broken and discarded remnants of decent society in some foreign country without a hope in hell of returning to his old life, to the sense of relative normality he once enjoyed in his earlier years. ’’Jordan?’’ a distant but familiar voice cried out from behind him. He slid the pale-green pill down his parched throat as he gazed up at the skies’ vast, cold emptiness from the warmth of his sparsely-decorated dorm room. He had only been at this school for a couple of months and already he felt just like he had in all the other schools his parents had sent him to, which is to say, like an outsider. ’’Jordan?’’. The distant flicker of dawn soon blossomed out, enveloping the dark in hues of vibrant red and gold, and matching the rapidly spreading pain in his head that no amount of aspirin could ever seem to fix. Fix. He smirked to himself as the word came into his head. That’s what all the doctors and psychiatrists here thought they could do him, but he knew in his heart that no amount of chemicals and discussions could ever return his life, his friends, his hope for a future. ’’Jordan?’’. Part of him wanted to reply to the voice coming from behind him. The other part knew that when he did all that was waiting for him was empty space and a sense of self-pity.

He shuffled across to the wardrobe and silently commenced his daily routine as golden beams of light begin to filter in through the window and onto the abandoned heap of clothes left at the foot of his bed. By the time Jordan had reached a state that he deemed to be vaguely presentable the door to Room 90 was locked behind him with a dull click of grinding metal and he moved off towards the exit along the bland corridor. Before he knew it he had already left the building and started into a brisk walk around the grounds in the crisp morning air. He liked these walks. The doctors said that it might help him to clear his head and stop worrying about things so much, but really the truth is he just enjoyed them. Or maybe they only further isolated him. Isolated him from his fellow students and gave him an excuse to mope about alone, rather than spending time with friends doing… whatever it is people do in Austria. He dismissed the thought from his mind with a tentative shake of his head. The calm walk continued for a while longer as he gathered his thoughts. If there was one thing Jordan was determined not to do it was be beaten by his own brain.

Bzzzzzzztttt Bzzzzzt Bzzzzzzztttt

As if by some divine providence, the alarm on his phone began to buzz with its’ familiar dull ringing, signifying that it was time to start heading back towards St. Dymphna’s eclectic skyline. He of course knew that in approximately five minutes the school bell would probably remind him of this anyway, but it was common knowledge that the timing of a school’s bell was not something to ever be trusted. Well, ok, maybe it was actually. But it certainly wasn’t back home in Ireland, and he would be damned if he was going to let these Austrians change the way he worried about his timing.

The cool breeze began to pick up, swirling verdant leaves around his ankles and sending the ancient oak trees into a frenzy of rustling. He stopped for a moment and listened. Jordan was fully aware that it was only a result of his condition, but it was almost as if the leaves themselves were gently calling his name, enticing him to forget the boredom of school life and sit on the adjacent bench until long after the sun had gone down just listening to a songbird’s melodic call.

He quickened his pace as he went higher and higher up the gradual slope leading back up to his prison for the next year. As he rounded a hedged corner he spotted a vaguely familiar face coming from an intersecting path and joining his solemn march towards the main building that housed his form room. He wore worryingly similar glasses to him, but more importantly he recognised him as someone from his class. They locked eyes for a moment. He knew his name, it was… Evan or Erik or something like that. Like him this Erik had only recently transferred to Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna, albeit only a few days ago compared to his number of months. He very briefly considered trying to talk to him, but a voice in the back his head told him that this could only turn out bad. He realised his stare had lasted for a few seconds longer than was polite, and he quickly begun thinking of all the ways he could possibly tell him to go away.

Then the unexpected happened.

‘’Hi there, I’m Erik. I think we’re in the same form class together.’’ Alarm bells immediately began to go off in Jordan’s head. This wasn’t right, people never spoke to him. People never just tried to approach him and offer their friendship so candidly. Despite this, his smile was just too warm and genuine to ignore. ‘’Oh, hello. I think we are and… I’m Jordan.’’ Without realising it, Jordan stuck his palm out for a handshake. There it was again, that nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him to stop. To stop pretending people cared about him, to stop pretending that he wasn’t only speaking to him out of some sense of pity. He banished the plague of doubts as quickly as they had come as he felt a firm grip shake his hand.

Maybe this day wasn’t going to turn out so bad after all.

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