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Fanfic contest submission

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A new life? Chapter 1

"Welcome to psych school…" I muttered to myself. Having just finished the tour I went to my room. Between the jet lag and already messed up sleep schedule from insomnia I was dragging my feet around. At least they were letting me stay in the female dorms. Already a step up from America.

I reached the dorms and quickly went to my room. I flipped on the light and started to unpack. At least I had books with as setting up electronics seemed like a headache given the adapters I would need. I checked my phone to see a message on it.

"Don't forget to eat." from my mom no less. Most of my friends would still be in class at this time so I wasn't expecting any messages from them. Though friends was a loose term as they usually dragged me around to do things.

Maybe things will be different here. Doubtful but may as well try to convince myself of that if I want others to believe it. Anorexia Nervosa and Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a fun combination and my parents thought that maybe a specialized school in a different locale would help me. I wasn't going to complain. Getting to live in a foreign country for schooling was always something I wanted to try and maybe I can pick up a few languages in the meantime.

Having foregone food I sent a message to my mom saying that I did eat and that I was going to be going to sleep early due to all the events of the day. My parents couldn't come due to work which was just fine anyways, I prefer the solitude and being able to just put on music and go.

The sound of my alarm buzzing wakes me up. Still groggy from all the traveling and meds I contemplate trying to fade from existence. Sleep being so rare that when it is snatched away I feel like the personification of death. Alas I have class and can't be late on the first day.

Getting dressed and heading out was a simple matter. Trying to remember the exact buildings and entrances to use though held me up a bit. Entering the school building several people are milling about. I see an older looking person was watching people enter and upon seeing me they started over towards me.

"You must be Aimi-" they had started

"Just Aimi is fine. Not overly fond of my last name." I interrupted

"Alright Aimi. I am Ms. Claes and I am going to show you to the classroom."

She starts off down the hallway and I follow ruing the fact that I couldn't just be normal. She will probably want me to introduce myself. Luckily it seems everyone uses primarily English so if I screw up everyone will notice. I stop myself mid thought from going down that trainwreck alley.

"Here we are. I will call you in so you can introduce yourself."

She enters the classroom and I am left with a few moments to compose my thoughts. What do I mention? Will my accent be recognizable? Doubtful they care but a mess up here could last all year. I hear my name coming from the room. Now or never it seems.

I walked to the front and looked at the class. Well at least there looks to be a variety of people here.

"My name is Aimi. I am from Minnesota and there isn't much to do there." Can I be done? I think I will be done. It was basic enough. If they have questions then they can ask themselves later.

After a few moments silence Ms. Claes seems to notice that I won't continue on, "You can take one of the empty seats."

I go a choose a seat as close to the front as I can and by the window. Closer you are to the front the less likely to be called on. At least that is the typical theory. A bell rings but I stay seated as my next class is here too. Judging by the looks of another classmate I am not the only transfer student to show up recently.

A girl suddenly enters and makes straight for the desk behind me and she looks very rattled at seeing a person nearby. Hmm seems like she isn't fond of others, like me. She sits and class starts.

"Here are some worksheets for today." The teacher has papers in her hand. "Maybe you would want to work with someone to know what we are covering?"

I look at the problems. They don't seem difficult at all. "I think I will be good. I was in several AP classes." Hopefully that is enough to dodge having to partner up.

"Well if you have trouble ask a classmate"

Success. I finally notice that I can distinctly hear music playing somewhere. I turn my head to find it. The girl behind me notices me looking around and looks away real quick. Ahhh the cord to some ear phones or headphones. Not sure which but I can tell she is uncomfortable so I stop trying to look.

Class ends and it appears to be lunch time. I head down to see what is on the menu. I really should eat something but knowing how well that works it would have to be a good meal. Not feeling to enthused at the potential meal prospects I head back to the classroom for the next class.

The girl from earlier is there so I figured why not try to talk to her. Maybe she likes a band I do or something.

"Hello. What are you listening too?" I ask

Silence. I know she heard me but she barely reacted and doesn't seem to keen on talking. Well I guess that didn't work.

"To think the next transfer student would try to get her too." a voice from behind says.

I turn to look at the person and immediately get a feeling of somewhere on the spectrum like I am.

"At least your pick up line was better." they continued on.

"Well gotta get the digits somehow." I responded sarcastically.

"I think we will get along fine. My name is Fran."

"Aimi." this person is weird but somehow that is just fine. Seems like the same weirdness I have.

"Trying to tap that?"

"Oh totally, different cultures bring different styles you know?" Well here I go with the perverted talking again. I wonder how many people think that I am some sort of sex fiend. They would be surprised to find out that I am still a virgin.

"I totally get that." they look to be amused by how I am responding in kind to their vulgarities. I get the feeling that they just did a full look on me and shiver. "Hey we should go meet some of my friends. It is dinner time anyways."

Talk about being pushy. Though I am curious and terrified that there may be more doppelgangers. They don't really wait for an answer as they try to grab me to pull me along. I snatch my arm back, feeling the panic evident on my face. I try to cover it up as quickly as possible. They seem taken aback.

"Look if it is a pro-"

"It is fine, I just have an issue with being touched. At least in that regard. Play it right and you could get a different reward." I explained then tried to cover up. Hopefully they just take the bait and drop the subject.

"Tempting but first food and people."

To be continued?

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