Knitting and Crochet Club (Annika/Erik)

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Knitting and Crochet Club (Annika/Erik)

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Hello everyone! Here is another fanfic for you, this is supposed to be sort of an intro for Annika (Ms. Zlny) and Erik. Almost like a pseudoroute of sorts which is kind of ends up a deconstruction of the teacher route popular in a lot of dating sims. In this one Annika teaches Erik how to knit when he decides to come to the knitting and crocheting club and there is a guest appearance of the lovely Miss Bohm here too (and proves that you can wink with one eye!)

I wrote this one in about four hours or so I just had to get it out there and I have been on a creative burst.


I never thought that a guy like me would consider a knitting and crocheting club, but I do admit the social worker who talked about the different clubs and how it would be good for me to join one spun it. Even though mostly girls are in the club, I guess it does appeal to me learning a new skill. Was the fact that manly fishermen way back when used to knit true? When I consulted one guy about this he did say crochet and knitting was a good way to attract the ladies. That ladies love a man that crochets stuff for them and he is regarded as someone more sensitive. I don’t know how much this is true either. Either way, it is thirty minutes after dinner and I go down to the basement of the chapel. A school named after a saint has to have a chapel. I can hear the choir practicing as I approach the chapel which smells like a musty old library. I hear a familiar voice practicing her solo. It is the song Come ye Sinners Poor and Needy. It is a very haunting song, especially as it crescendos with the song “weak and wounded sick and sore.” It is like an emotional hug. I decide to peer into the sanctuary and I see the girl from before, Katja. She notices me winking with her one eye which looks more like a blink than a wink before turning again to the choir director.
Still hearing the choir practice from in the sanctuary, I descend the stairwell to the basement of the chapel where some of the offices and a few rooms for various groups and clubs meet throughout the week. I once again read the note to make sure I got the right room number and it led me to a large room at the end of the hallway with a circle of chairs. It looked like a room that could be used for banquets considering there were some tables off to the side, but it was still cozy as it had wide latticed windows and flat easy-to-clean carpet rather than tiles and the chairs looked comfortable and two of them were even wide enough to be considered sofas.
“Welcome, people are just coming in!” said a tall, and by tall, I mean slightly above six feet, and well… voluptuous to put it nicely straw blonde woman with glasses and unkempt hair and held a tablet device of some sort. In the middle of the semicircle there was a huge plastic tub of yarn with a bag of some plastic knitting needles and crochet hooks. Next to the tub yarn on the opposite side of the bag of needles and hooks was a stack of books full of different patterns. Some students that came in brought their own bag of stuff in while some took their projects out from another bin that the lady had.
“Okay, is it 6:30 yes? I have the room until 8:30 okay? I’m sure there will be some stragglers, but I guess I will go ahead. I’m Ms. Zlny I will be the faculty advisor of this crocheting club with the student leader Kat here who will be talking to you about some projects we are planning for the year.” She took a breath and started pacing around the room avoiding eye contact “Since at least one of you is new here, the rules are unless you have permission from the psychiatrist, you are to only work on your projects within this two-hour block under my supervision. I have the scissors so if you want something cut go to me. For those of you who don’t know how to knit or crochet please talk to me, Kat, or one of the more experience members of the club and she will show you.” I looked around the room and wow, there are no guys in the club but me, only girls
“Would you like to introduce yourself, sir?” she asked eyeing me as she pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose as they glared off the fluorescent lights above us “You are new here after all and it isn’t every day we get a man here you know.”
“Ummmm… my name is Erik and my social worker said I said I should come here. Has there ever been any other guys who were in this group?” I asked
“Well, Erik, there have been some that try to come here and there, but usually after a few weeks they all quit. I will just tell you flat out that if you are coming to the club just to get laid then leave now. That isn’t why you are here though, right?” as she put her hand on the arm of my chair leaning close to my face like she meant it.
“No… no ma’am I just want to learn to knit…” I said
“Well great!” Ms. Zlny bounced back up with excitement glowing from her face “I will be happy to teach you right now! Okay Kathryn, take it away with your announcements, you know, about the projects and t-shirts and everything. Some people were already working on their projects as Kat was talking. First order of business was talking about the project for the semester. One idea being thrown around was to make patchwork afghans, but everyone ended up just making scarves again for a homeless shelter just because of the sheer number of newbies there always has been. The next order of business was t-shirts. Why would a knitting and crochet group need t-shirts don’t ask me why I don’t know, but people were throwing out ideas. Someone even suggested tie-dye which obviously wouldn’t work cause tie-dye is messy, everyone eventually decided on turquoise. I picked up some thick lemon meringue yellow knitting needles and some chunky olive-green yarn.
“So, how do I start Ms…” crap what was her name again?
“Ms. Zlny, Zull-nee… It is okay, sometimes people just call me my first name Annika since it is easier. Yeah, I know, Slovak and all of those consonants, right?” she stifled a laugh. “Anyways, great, you got some knitting needles while Kathryn was talking, great and they are perfect size too for your hands. For now, I will just cast you on for now, but after you finish your first project then I will show you how to.”
With great dexterity, Ms. Zlny began to cast on. I couldn’t make out what she was don’t because her hand was going so fast manipulating the yarn that my eyes couldn’t keep up. She silently counted out twenty-five stitches onto the knitting needle and handed it to me then.
“Okay, now, I’m going to teach you in a way I like calling the I do, we do, and you do technique. Basically, first you watch me very slowly knit as I explain the instructions, then we do it together with me guiding your hands, then you do it as I watch giving you pointers if needed okay?” explained Ms. Zlny
“Yes… Annika?” I said. It felt weird calling the teacher by her first name, but in this case she gave me permission to call her by her first so it wasn’t too weird I guess.
“Okay, now watch” as she walked behind me taking my knitting needles in her hands with her sitting beside me on the arm of my chair so I can see a first person view of my needles.
“I really like the needles and yarn you picked out, really… chunky and nice on the hands. Good since if you start out with needles too small they tend to be hard to manipulate and you need good fine motor skills.” She explained grasping the smooth plastic.
“Now okay, I’m going to show you first really fast…” and then in a split second a stitch was made. “Haha… well, at least that is what it looks like if you learn to do it really fast anyways, let me break it down into slower steps. Okay… ready?”
“Yes, I am ready.” I said
“Good, okay, for a simple knit stitch first you insert the right needle behind the left needle,” with each step Ms. Zlny did exactly what she said at least one tenth as slow of a speed “Then, you wrap the working yarn around the back needle like so… then here is the tricky part so watch me: you pull the loop of the front needle over the yarn wrapped on the back needle like so then you let go of the yarn on the left needle and slide it off. Okay? Do you get it?” Truthfully, I didn’t get it especially with the letting go part, I just knew I would just cause the whole thing to unravel if I did that and that whole pulling over thing was also a little bit convoluted too still…
“May I touch your hands?” asked Annika giving me a small smile “It is just to help guide you along in making your first stitch, I won’t do it for long.”
“Sure, ummm… I guess…” Annika’s hands were soft like pillows and a little bit sweaty and her fingers stubby little things, dimpled and sausagey, but man when she is knitting could they go and moved seamlessly with grace for such homely little things. They gently guided my fingers showing where to pinch as I wrapped the working yarn around the back needle and guided me daintily over the loop of working yarn and nudged my head to let go.
“Congratulations, you made your first knit stitch!” she said in delight
“You mean we made my first knit stitch, I couldn’t have done it without you…” I blushed
“Well, now you try independently and I’ll watch and give you pointers” she said. The next time I did a knit stitch I was all hands and made my first mistake by poking the needle into the front than the back.
“Remember, back stitch, you stick your needle into the front when you start purling, but for now we are going to have you knit!” she kindly explained as she gently guided my right needle behind the left one.
“… Great! You can do it! And it might be better if you pinch the needles like this! Be careful that your stitches don’t slide off Erik! Yes! That’s it Erik! Way to go!” she cheered on
“Okay, now pull it over like… this?” I said hesitantly pulling the loop over the working yarn. Annika gasped and quivered in excitement. Who thought someone would climax over knitting?
“YES! YES! YOU DID IT! That was the hardest part and you did it! Now what is the last step, come on, we did it together before…” yes, the last step, that was sliding out the left needle with the new stitch not onto the right needle, right?
“Oh, Erik, you got it, now keep doing that thousands more times and you will have a scarf!” said Ms. Zlny
“Okay… What if I finish a row, do I do anything?” I asked her
“Easy, you just flip your work over and start again with the needle with all of your work in your left hand!” she explained as she went back to carefully following an intricate lace doily pattern she was crocheting published by Red Heart. Each round of work had tons of different steps so she had a small pen where she would cross steps she did out just to follow along. Come to think of it, Kathryn also had something going on where she was working in different colors what appeared to be some sort of bird and tulip pattern and she was following a sort of grid like pattern. Would I be able to do that? There were also some members with these circular needles connected to some flexible plastic string or some members with these small crooked needles hanging on their work only to be picked up a few stitches later leaving mesmerizing twists. For a simple female dominant past time, knitting and crocheting definitely required a lot of discipline. I was so busy admiring everyone else that I forgot about my own work for a minute. How did you a simple knit stitch again? I was all thumbs as I carefully did my first knit stitch independently seeing Ms. Zlny watching me giving me a thumbs up as I continued. It only made me more nervous, shoot, I might have dropped a stitch accidently, but I had to carry on.
I needed to prove to them I wasn’t only there to get laid and guys can be knitters too. Part of me felt intimidated that I was surrounded by many skilled women at their craft and how effortless like they were doing everything. I felt like I was invading their space like I was some sort of foreigner on another planet. I had to continue and I did so, but by the time I did finish my row my hands hurt a bit and… oh no, twenty four stitches, I dropped one, but Ms. Zlny continued to smile at me from her place in the circle.
“That’s good! Flip over and keep doing it, don’t worry about your hands getting sore, those muscles will grow!” she advised
“Okay…” and that is what I did, even though my hands hurt I ignored it. Maybe taking a quick breather for a few seconds only to keep pushing on. I could faintly hear the choir practicing in the background and though about what Katja would think about a man who knits. A lot of girls while they were knitting were chatting about life while I was at work. I had no idea how they could multi-task like that, I was told women are better multi-taskers, but that certainly doesn’t mean men can learn to be does it? Maybe when I am better at knitting I will be able to carry a conversation without losing my place, but for now I was on a mission, I needed to knit. I completed only about three centimeters of scarf until the clock hit 8:30 and it was time to go.
“Okay everyone, finish your last rows or rounds of work and put your work away. See you next session this Friday.” She said
“You guys meet too times I week?” I asked as I gave Ms. Zlny my knitting
“Yes, Tuesdays and Fridays due to popular demand and it gives people who can’t take their projects home more time. Many find it to be therapeutic. You can store your knitting by just stabling your needles into your yarn like this.” She said as she did just that with my knitting “You’ll get the hang of knitting, it just takes time.”
“I… I can tell, you girls are amazing at your… your craft…”
“Well don’t let that intimidate you, we all started off like you at one point. We are actually really nice if you talk to us, don’t need to be shy.”
“I… I just don’t know how guys can talk while you knit and crochet, it sounds really complicated…”
“That is because you are still learning, but once you get into a rhythm you can even do it while you are watching TV especially when you have a repetitive pattern.”
“Apparently, well, I guess I will come back Friday then? Do you know of anywhere I can go for more knitting tips?”
“Well… there is always the internet which has information at your fingertips, but I usually have nothing to do on weekends so you can come to my office hours anywhere from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturdays unless I have a meeting. I get really bored with just me and Juicy…”
“My plant, long story… Kathryn, if everyone brought their stuff back, you can take it to my office and I’ll get the yarn and needles.” She turned to her
“Ummmm… bye and ummmm… see you next meeting. Hopefully it is as relaxing and it gets better as you say it is…” I told Ms. Zlny.
I exited the room with everyone else as Ms. Zlny and Kathryn were cleaning up the room and taking the plastic containers to presumably her office. I walked upstairs and also noticed choir practice was over. Maybe I could catch up to Katja before she goes back to her dorm and tell her my experience and get her opinion about men and knitting. Either way, next appointment, I am going to for ask for sure about taking my knitting work with me. I know I am relatively new here so I can understand why I wouldn’t. Didn’t Ms. Zlny say something about being available on weekends in her office if I ever needed help to knit? Maybe I will visit her this weekend. I still didn’t quite understand how knitting works. That scarf looks terrible, but I think once I get the hang of it knitting wouldn’t be so bad. I think my weekend is decided: I will go to her office this weekend. Thing is, where is her office?

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