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Contest Entry Transcript

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A/N: Natalya's first actual sidestory! This is as non-canon as it gets, though. This is just a bullshit "story" I thought up last night and that will be the excuse any criticism shall be responded to with, but you're still free to do so. 8-)

Natalya's personality here is pretty much the same as in current canon, though.

To: Hertha Wieck (
Sender: Erik Wilhelm (
Subject: “Beyond Imagination: A Candid Look at St. Dymphna’s” - Official Entry to St. Dymphna’s Documentary Contest 2014
Cc: Lena Forst, Eloise Faraday, Sumire Hanagawa, Renée Baum, Ela Sahin, Natalya Holm, Natasha Holm

Dear Ms. Wieck,

I have already uploaded my group’s entry for the school’s upcoming student documentary contest, a piece we decided to entitle “Beyond Imagination: A Candid Look at St. D’s,” to the newspaper club’s cloud storage. Along with it we also included all the raw footage we took during the production for future documentation purposes. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to sift through the raw videos myself, so I had to ask Renée to pick out only the ones that you might find most relevant and helpful.

Erik Wilhelm

Group Members:
Erik Wilhelm – Director, Scriptwriter
Natalya Holm – Narrator, Host
Renée Baum – Cameraman
Annaliese Koell – Video Editing, Music

Special Thanks:
Natasha Holm, Katja Böhm, Jeanne Lefevre, Isolda Gaillard, Fritz Müller, Ela Sahin, Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna Faculty

Transcripts of Attached Videos

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[b]0:05:[/b] Natalya Holm walks into the camera’s view, adjusting her hair. She stares at the camera for around 10 seconds. [b]0:16: [/b]An off-screen male voice, presumed to be project director Erik Wilhelm, informs her that the camera is already rolling, in a tone that appears to be a mixture of exasperation and resignation. [b]0:18: [/b]Holm emits a surprised “Oh!” at this. Nonetheless, her gaze returns to the camera, where she proceeds to cross her eyes and make a “peace” sign with her fingers while repeatedly making a “lololol” sound for around ten seconds. [b]0:35: [/b]The camera abruptly turns to Wilhelm’s direction. Wilhelm can be seen leaning against a tree, rubbing his forehead while repeatedly telling the cameraman, Renée Baum, to stop filming.
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[b]0:03:[/b] The clip opens with a panoramic shot of the school grounds lasting for around ten seconds, at which point it pans down to Holm, who can be seen standing in front of what appears to be the Administrative Building, narrating. [quote]Holm: “Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna. It is . . . an old, well-established Austrian ins-tit-ution that has seen more than a century’s worth of memories—uh, of memories . . . Nearly a million students have walked its halls throughout its long, storied lifetime. To many Viennese, it is n-not only a school, but a mon-u-men-tal l-landmark that . . .”[/quote] [b]0:20: [/b]Holm stops narrating, her attention seemingly piqued by something off-camera. The faint tune of an ice cream truck can be heard in the distance. [quote]Wilhelm: “What’s the matter, Natalya?” Holm: “Erik! Look! Ice cream! Over there!” Wilhelm: “What? Hell, no! We agreed to get this intro done today!” Holm: “Erik, please! L-Look! It’s getting away!”[/quote] [b]0:28: [/b]Holm can be seen pressing her palms together in a beseeching gesture. The camera shifts toward Erik, who is raising his hands and shaking his head in refusal. [quote]Wilhelm: “No is no, Natalya! I can’t let you have your way just like that! I’m the director here; we’re here to do work, I won’t stand for this sort of wishy-washy behavior!” [/quote]
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[b]0:01: [/b]Holm is sitting on a wooden bench near the Administrative Building, eating a large chocolate ice cream cone. She smiles at the camera as she holds out the cone. [quote]Holm: “Look, Renée! It’s so big and nice and chocolatey, isn’t it? It tastes so good!” Baum (off-screen): “Why don’t I have one?” Wilhelm (off-screen): “Buy your own.” [/quote] [b]0:11:[/b] The camera turns again to Wilhelm, reading through a collection of files on his clipboard while eating his cone. A white spot, presumably from his ice cream, is conspicuously visible on his nose. The camera zooms in on him. [quote]Wilhelm: “. . .What? It looked delicious.” [/quote]
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[b]0:04:[/b] The clip appears to have been taken inside one of the school classrooms. A person can be seen sleeping on a desk at the far side of the room. The camera slowly approaches said person, who is later revealed to be Wilhelm around the 0:40 mark. Two voices, that of Holm and Baum, are heard attempting to stifle a giggle. Holm kneels beside Wilhelm. [quote]Holm: “Look, Renée! Erik’s so cute! He’s like an angel!” Baum (off-screen): “Ssshh! Go draw something on his face, quick!” Holm: “Oh? Okay! Do we have a—” Baum: “Don’t worry, I got you covered!”[/quote] [b]0:59: [/b]Baum holds out a permanent marker from behind the camera. Holm smiles as she uncaps the pen and positions it near Wilhelm’s cheek. [quote]Holm: “What do I draw, what do I draw?” Baum: “I don’t know! Something funny! Like a smiley face, or a mustache. How about—”[/quote] [b]1:15:[/b] Holm nods and proceeds to draw a crude sketch of a human phallus on Wilhelm’s face. She returns the pen to Baum with a quiet stare. [quote][b]2:01: [/b]Baum: “. . . well then.” [/quote]
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[b]0:04: [/b]Wilhelm is seen onscreen giving Baum camera directions. The phallic drawing on his cheek is still clearly visible. Baum is heard suppressing laughter behind the camera. [quote]Wilhelm: “Okay, at this rate, we’re not going to finish anything in time! From now on, I’ll be doing the hosting. Natalya, you go help Renée set up the camera, or something.” Baum: “Oh geez, how COCK-y of you, Erik!”[/quote] [b]0:13:[/b] Baum and Holm laugh. The camera zooms in on Wilhelm’s confused face and the film stops rolling soon thereafter.
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[b]0:05:[/b] The clip appears to have been taken at a grassy area near the lakeshore. Wilhelm and Holm are sitting beside each other on a picnic blanket, with two other persons, namely Jeanne Lefevre and Isolda Gaillard, president and vice-president of the astronomy club. Holm looks at the camera and commences narration. [quote]Holm: “Dobroye utro—er, good morning! Today we will be studying! Not only that, we are to be in the company of Misses Jeanne Le-feeeh-vre? And Ee-sol-da Gay—uh, Gale . . .” Wilhelm: “Gaillard.” Holm: “What Erik said! So, Miss Lefevre, what are we studying today?” [/quote] [b]0:43:[/b] The camera focuses on Lefevre, who quickly averts her eyes and attempts to cover her face with her hand. She brings out a large paper bag full of books from behind her and places it carefully in front of Wilhelm and Holm. [quote]Lefevre: “H-Huh? Oh, well, er, s-since Mrs. Carran suggested that you need some help with it, today we’ll be reviewing some lessons on calculus.”[/quote] [b]0:50: [/b]Holm quickly turns to Wilhelm, nodding enthusiastically, as if to confirm Lefevre’s statement. [quote]Holm: “That is right, Erik! I only got twelve points out of 100 on our last exam!” Wilhelm: “That’s not something to be proud of, Natalya.” Lefevre: “Not something to—ah, well, I’m not sure which particular lessons Natalya is having trouble with, so I brought as many books as I could. The more, the merrier, oui?” Holm: “Wonderful, wonderful! Let’s check it out, Erik!”[/quote] [b]1:23:[/b] Holm takes the paper bag and turns it upside down. A veritable stack of books on mathematics and geometry spill out into the picnic blanket, along with a certain white, rectangular object. Holm, her interest piqued, is quick to pick it up and examine it in front of Wilhelm. Lefevre, on the other hand, appears surprised as she recognizes this object. [quote]Holm: “Oh! Oh! What’s this? What’s this? A remote? Is this a remote, Erik? There’s a button . . .” Lefevre: “O-Oh! P-Please give that back, Natalya—” [/quote] [b]1:34: [/b]A faint clicking sound is heard as Holm presses the aforementioned button, and a loud, feminine moaning sound comes from off-screen. The camera swiftly turns to Gaillard’s direction, who is now visibly flushed as she clutches at the hem of her skirt while biting her lip. Lefevre quickly snatches the remote control from Holm and hides it in her pocket. [quote]Holm: “W-What is that?” Wilhelm: “Uh . . . huh? Oh, uh, c-cut! Cut! Cut, Renée!”[/quote]
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[b]0:02: [/b]This clip seems to have been taken from a grassy hillside overlooking a narrow strip of road. Around the 0:05 mark, a white car appears into view, traversing the road at a moderate pace as the camera follows it. The car disappears into the hills around 0:20, at which point Holm jumps out from below the screen, wearing a headband meant to emulate feline ears, gazing silently into the camera with a wide smile, making “peace” signs with her two hands. [quote]Baum: “. . . It was supposed to be a jump scare video, Natalya.” Holm: “Um, rawr~?” [/quote]
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[b]0:06: [/b]Katja Böhm, lead soprano of St. Dymphna’s school choir, is seen sitting in front of the music club’s pipe organ, smiling at the camera. The camera zooms out and shifts focus to Holm, who is standing near the doorway awaiting her cue. She audibly clears her throat and walks toward Böhm, finally settling down on a chair near her. Holm: “And here with us is Miss Katja Böhm, one of the school’s best singers! She will now try to teach me how to sing like a professional!” Baum (off-screen): “Emphasis on the ‘try.’” Wilhelm (off-screen): “Shush, Renée.” Holm: “So, Miss Katja, since you’re surely one of the most talented members of the school choir, what knowledge can you give aspiring singers like us based from your years of experience?” Böhm: “Hmm. As much as I’d like to say there is one single infallible way to improvement, the fact stands that such is nothing but the lazy man’s fantasy. There are over a hundred times more ways to get better at singing than there are songs to sing in the universe: but at the heart of all those is always hard work. It is a regrettable truth that many fall for the idea that all you need as a singer is talent and luck, but I’ll be the first to call that nonsense. A singer invests years’ worth of tears and sweat into honing their craft, and many even more to make sure it never dulls.” Holm: “Ah! That is true, that is very true! Now then, Miss Katja, if you don’t mind, we will be taking this chance to hear you sing for us~!” Böhm: “Oh, sure, sure. What would you like to hear?” Holm: “Hmm, say . . . uh, can you sing ‘Ode to Joy’?” Böhm: “Very well. I’ll be happy to.” [b]1:45:[/b] Böhm takes a breath and begins to sing “Ode to Joy,” which lasts around two minutes, ending at the 3:47 mark, which is immediately met with applause from the team. Holm: “Wow! It’s beautiful!” Böhm: “Why, thank you very much. I do my best.” Holm: “You make it sound very easy! Let me try! Let me try!” Wilhelm: “Wait, what? Wait, wait, wait, no, Natalya, please don’t—” [b]4:01: [/b]Holm opens her mouth to sing around this mark, but it appears that the audio of this segment has either been corrupted or was deliberately muted. Video quality begins to deteriorate around 4:27. The screen becomes increasingly distorted for roughly a whole minute until the entirety thereof vanishes into static. Around 5:33 the video player closes by itself and the computer crashes from an unidentified system failure. [color=#FF0000][UPDATE 03/19/14: Sounds of screaming demonic children and ominous Latin chanting emanating from the newspaper club computer after viewing said file are completely false and unsubstantiated. The special visit conducted by Fathers Neumann and Hirschberg last Monday was a purely coincidental event and is totally not an exorcism, despite what one Ms. Ross keeps telling everyone. – Ms. Wieck] [/color]
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[b]0:02:[/b] Wilhelm is sitting on a couch in what appears to be an apartment unit with a long-haired blonde young woman, identified to be Natalya Holm’s sister, Natasha. Natasha can be seen applying nail polish to Wilhelm’s fingernails. The two appear to be discussing favorite perfumes, while the cameraman, presumed to be Baum, can be heard giggling. During the conversation, Wilhelm professes to prefer strawberry scents. [b]0:17: [/b]Wilhelm notices Baum filming and quickly rushes over to demand that the latter stop. A struggle ensues between Wilhelm and Baum, and the clip ends half a minute thereafter with the camera on the floor.
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[b]0:06: [/b]Wilhelm, Holm, and Baum appear to be running in this clip. The video, as can be expected of the situation, is considerably shaky. Baum is narrating in between gasps for air, voice occasionally drowned out by the sound of their footsteps. Wilhelm can also be heard, though it is much more faint and distant. [quote]Baum: “We . . . are . . . we are in . . . in pursuit of an elusive . . . elusive prey. It has . . . evaded capture for almost a week . . . it’s . . . very, very alert and hard . . . hard to catch. We thought . . . we thought it will be an impossible task at first, but . . . the secret . . . actually, the secret is lying low until it is comfortable enough to lay down its guard . . . lull it into a false sense of security.” Baum: “Now the prey has fallen into our trap . . . there . . . there will be no escape this time.” Wilhelm: “Stop . . . stop narrating like we’re hunting some animal, dammit!”[/quote] [b]1:25: [/b]The chase continues. If one pauses at this very moment in the video, the camera catches sight of a certain figure wearing a hooded jacket running around ten meters ahead of the group, as if in an attempt to escape the latter. This figure hurries into the girls’ dormitory building, quickly scaling the staircase in evident panic. Baum and Holm trail close behind and reach the second floor around the 1:52 mark. [b]1:55:[/b] The figure can be seen working on the lock of one of the dorm rooms, fumbling for the correct keys, apparently sobbing in fear. Baum and Holm almost catch said person, but she manages to unlock her room in time and shut herself in before the pair could catch up. [quote]Holm: “N-No! Wait! P-Please . . . hear us out . . . we really need . . . really need a video editor . . . please . . . we’re about . . . about to miss the deadline for our project . . .” [/quote] [b]2:14:[/b] Wilhelm can be seen onscreen again, clutching at his chest as he regains his breath. [quote]Wilhelm: “Guys, I told you . . . I told you this is an awful idea.”[/quote] [b]2:23:[/b] The clip ends around this point. Pausing at this moment, one can make out the name “Annaliese Koell” on the nameplate on the dorm room the girl just entered.

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