It's the Little Things...

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It's the Little Things...

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The buzzing of her alarm clock jolted Jeanne out of her blissful rest.
Jeanne was finally starting to get used to getting up early – her therapist had suggested it in order to be better prepared for the day ahead. It was tough at first, but she finally fell into line as she noticed an increase in energy throughout the day.
She rose from her bed and began her usual half-hour routine of stretching, posing, and stretching again in order to loosen her muscles and shake out the last remnants of sleep.
“Hm, I can bend myself this far now…”
Jeanne jotted a quick note on a pad of paper nearby, then smiled.
“That’s a five centimeter increase since last month!”
Pleased with her results, Jeanne hopped into the shower and cleaned up for school. After gathering her things, she realized something.
“It’s today…I hope he remembered today.”

Breakfast had just ended, and Jeanne was rounding the corner to her first class. Her friends weren’t at their usual meeting place – perhaps they overslept?
Isolda was usually there on time (did she get sick again?), and Erik…
Well, Erik was new. Surely anyone in his position would take a while to get used to waking up early enough to not miss breakfast.
“Oh well. I guess I’ll see them later…”

Another Calculus exam, conquered and slain. Jeanne’s pencil rolled from her fingertips and onto her desk. It was immensely satisfying to her – that feeling of getting those questions right ­– and on a day like today, of all days…
A sigh of relief and a stretch of the arms later, and Jeanne felt like she could take on the world.

Lunchtime rolled around. Tomato soup was on the menu, which Jeanne immediately went for. Her absolute favorite meal on a cool October.
Isolda and Erik weren’t here yet. Perhaps a late-running class, or something, was keeping the two of them held up?
Jeanne fidgeted a little. Her soup got a little colder. Feeling a bit lonely, she pulled out some worksheets from physics.
“I can probably work on these until they show up…”

Classes were over, and Jeanne had retreated to her room. Neither Erik nor Isolda showed up to lunch, and she hadn’t heard a peep from them on her phone afterwards.
A few items had been in her mailbox – the latest science magazines, some Dutch college sending out brochures – but there was nothing that she was expecting would show up on a day like this.

Today’s study group was usually optional, but Jeanne half-hoped that someone, anyone, would be there.
No one. At least, not at exactly 4:30. Jeanne sighed.
“Maybe I should wait for a few minutes,” she said to herself as she settled into one of the chairs, “they might be running late.”
She pulled out her notes and reviewed what she learned earlier that day. The class had just started their unit on advanced thermodynamic theories…

Jeanne began to yawn. Without people to interact with, she tended to get rather sleepy in the afternoon, especially when she was wearing her favorite warm socks. The muffled quiet of the library merely added weight to her already heavy eyelids.
“I don’t think they’ll show up…”

A few more minutes, and she was out.

Some scraping of chairs and shuffling of papers got Jeanne’s attention.
Jeanne vaguely heard someone’s voice. Was someone there?
A mumble. A giggled whisper.
Slowly, Jeanne cracked open her eyes.
Two voices suddenly shouted at her.


It took a second for Jeanne to realize what was going on.

“Happy Birthday, Jeanne!” Isolda excitedly knelt by her, putting a small birthday hat on Jeanne’s head, “We thought we’d surprise you with a little something special today.”
Erik pulled forward, handing Jeanne a wrapped bundle.

“We went out to Vienna and got this for you earlier today – took a while to find something you’d like. Happy Birthday, Jeanne.”
Incredulous, Jeanne tore open the package Erik gave her.
“Oh, wow…”
A dark blue scarf, dappled with a pattern of stars, tumbled into her lap.
“This is… you two…”

Tears started streaming down Jeanne’s face.
“Y-you didn’t need to d-do this for m-me…”
Isolda looked concerned, “Do you…not like it? We can return it…”

“No no, I love it!” Exclaimed Jeanne, “It’s just that… no one’s really done this kind of thing for me before! I’ve never had a surprise like this on my birthday.”
“Well, now you have,” retorted Isolda, matter-of-factly. “How do you feel?”
Jeanne grabbed the two of them in a tight hug.

“This is wonderful,” she whispered, “I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you so much, both of you.”
“Don’t thank us just yet,” said Erik, “We have cake upstairs in Isolda’s room for you.”
Jeanne’s eyes lit up at that statement.
“From where?”
“You mentioned a small cake shop you liked a while ago,” said Isolda, “Oberlaa, was it?”
Jeanne’s eyes got even wider.
“Come on, let’s go before your eyes pop out of your head,” chuckled Erik.
“You can’t blame a woman for wanting some cake, Erik,” Jeanne retorted, “especially on her birthday.”
Isolda nodded.

An evening of cake, sweets, and movies later, and Jeanne was blissfully content. This had been a much better birthday she had expected.
Isolda had already left to go to sleep, leaving Erik and Jeanne to wind down the evening.

“So,” said Erik, tiredly stretching himself out, “did you have a good birthday?”
“Yes, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks again.”
“This was pretty much all Isolda’s doing, really. I just went along with it, to be honest. Although…”
“Isolda was content just getting you some cake. I wanted to pitch in with something else.”
“You mean you…?”
“Uh, yeah.”

Jeanne looked into Erik’s eyes, smiling.
“Thank you, Erik. You didn’t need to do that just for me.”
“Not a problem. It's something good friends do, right?”
Jeanne nodded knowingly.

She turned to him, then gave him a hug.
“It's those little things you guys do that mean so much to me.”
She sniffled, tears beginning to well up for the second time today.
“I really needed something like this for a long time, Erik. Thank you so much.”

The two stayed embraced in silence for a while longer. No words needed to be said.


I hope you guys enjoyed! 10/23 is Jeanne's canon birthday, so I whipped this up just for you. <3

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Re: It's the Little Things...

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We love you as always Hamadyne. Thank you, and happy Halloween!

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