The One with a Boat in it.

The One with a Boat in it.

Postby kosherbacon » Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:09 am

This one's also inspired by Morth-tan's lovely art.

Wax My Dinghy, Baby

Luka worked the tiller diligently. He was far from an experienced sailor, but Lena needed to rest easy knowing she was in good hands, so he kept working the handle back and forth like he knew what he was doing.

Lena must have been at ease, as she hadn't said a thing since they slipped their moorings at sunrise. The monotony was killing Luka, though. It was a damned waste of his family's boat, and they needed to make the best use of the limited time they had together. Long-distance relationships are tight enough even without having to cross international boundaries to make them work.

An abortive snore stirred Lena awake. She scratched at the sweat accumulating under her mask and tugged the swimsuit out of her crack.

“Hey,” Luka said, “remember how we met back in swimming class when we were kids?”

“I can't do this,” she moaned.

“Um, let's drop anchor here for a little while before heading back.”

“What? No, I think we should break up.”

Luka snickered. Lena was always such a kidder.

“Come again? I think you're just getting seasick. If you took that thing off, you wouldn't have to worry about throwing up and getting it into your nose.”

Lena rolled her eyes and peeled off her appliance with a pained grunt. To her, it was all the discomfort of picking scabs, with none of the satisfaction.

“It's not working. I mean, this is nice, but I'm not feeling it any more.”

Now you want to break up? After all the trouble I went through to make this weekend happen?”

“When the hell else can we talk? I'm sorry but like, I can't do this over the phone.”

“Can't this wait till we get back ashore? Just think about it,” Luka scoffed.

Lena had been thinking about how to deal with things for quite some time. Luka was a bit of a chode, but she felt he deserved something less harsh than “I met a Swiss guy with a hurricane tongue at school, so I'm leaving you.”

They had a good run, but adulthood was coming up fast and their respective career and education paths didn't come anywhere close to intersecting. Luka was going to go to college in Canada for some godforsaken reason while Lena was going to study headhunting in New Guinea for a semester or two.

“Is there something I can do?” he asked, trying really hard not to sound like he's pleading.

“No. You're not a bad guy, I guess. You're a total goober but whatever. It's just time to go, you know?”

“Okay. Well, let's just have another day together. Or just until we get back.”

“Let's go back now, then,” Lena commanded, wanting to put the issue to rest.

“Please? Just a little longer.”


“Not even to mess around a little bit? A little something to remember you by? I mean, we're already here and I went through a lot of effort, so...”

“I ain't owe you shit.”

“I must insist. Captain's privilege and all,” Luka chuckled, hoping that injecting some humour might salvage the situation. “You know the old nautical saying, don't you?”


“Put out or swim.”

Luka was never seen again. He never did finish those swimming lessons.

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