Hamadyne's "Halloween Costumes"

Hamadyne's "Halloween Costumes"

Postby raithfyre » Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:50 pm

- Boo! -

“You want to dress up for Halloween?”

Halloween was just around the corner, and Jeanne was trying to find someone to dress up in costume. Apparently, there were extra costumes from last year in storage, according to the dorm mom, but she wanted to ask the second-floor girls first before she loaned them out to others.

Isolda didn't initially respond to Jeanne's question.


“I'm thinking.”

“About what?”

“How to dress up for Halloween.”

“What do you mean by that? Hertha's letting us borrow some costumes from storage.”

“Not that. Do we have to be scary? Or can we be something else?”

“Hm...I think that depends on the costumes she has. Do you want to take a look at them, then?”

“Sure. Then I can decide if I want to be scary or something else.”



The woman in the office chair, one Hertha Wieck, was more than happy to see the two of them. As the dorm mom, she had many responsibilities, including handing out costumes.

Or so she said. In truth, Hertha just happened to have some in the closet, donated by various students over the years.

“Oh, girls. You're here about the costumes, then?”

The two girls nodded in approval, Jeanne eager to try something on.

“Okay, they're in the closet right next to you. Take a look, and don't be afraid to try them all on if you want.”


Some time later...

“What about this one? How does it look on me?”

“Like you're trying to squeeze into a tube.”


...trying on costumes was a lot harder than Jeanne had expected. For one, the majority of the costumes were for more petite girls. Isolda had already found a fantasy costume in her size, and was busy twiddling around the pair of elf ears that came with it.

While Jeanne hadn't considered it beforehand, she didn't expect that her...size was going to be this much of an issue.

“Well, there's only three left in the pile that I haven't tried on yet,” said an exasperated Jeanne. She took the remainder of the costumes and set then down on her bed.

“Okay, there's...a witch costume that's just a mess of rags, a...clown costume with a rubber mask, and...what's this?”

Jeanne held up a sleek, smooth outfit. While wrinkled a bit around the edges, it was clear that this costume was not the standard fare.


Jeanne was fairly certain that this was not school appropriate. For one, there was almost no neckline to speak of on this outfit. The rest of the “dress” ended a little bit too short for comfort, but was mostly covered up with frills and lace. A white apron covered the front of the dress, tied off in the back. Also included were some stockings and a pair of rounded shoes with a shiny clasp. A white headband with a bow completed the set.

Isolda was the first to break the awkward silence.

“A French maid costume,” Isolda said in awe, “I never thought I'd see one up close.”

“This is NOT what French maids wear! Or ANY maid, for that matter!” Jeanne dropped the outfit in disgust.

“Oh, so you've seem them up close, then?”

“W-well, no...I just know that this is...impractical, Isolda.”

“Well, is there anything else that you like, or can wear?”

Jeanne looked at the pile of costumes that were already a poor fit for her, or were not to her taste at all. Resignedly, she looked at the maid outfit again.

“Well, I guess I could try it on, just to see what it looks like...”

After adjusting various straps, hooks, and strings, Jeanne took another look in her mirror. Despite the fact that her waist was a bit squished, the outfit seemed to fit quite well.

Except in one area.

“I didn't realize your boobs were that big.”


“I'm just saying.”

“When you put it like that, it's just...oh, never mind.”

She hated to admit it, but this was the first time she'd worn something this risque. Her large chest had never really allowed her to wear anything that couldn't support it. Sweaters in the winter, blouses in the summer. Too many broken brassieres to count...

But, this outfit was different. A support wire was already built in, which relieved some of the weight on her chest. Furthermore, it pushed up everything and made her look much curvier as a result.

“You think it's okay?”

“It's much better than that cat costume you tried to squeeze into, if that's what you're asking.”

Jeanne sighed.

“I guess this isn't too bad. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?”

Giggling, the two girls packed up their things and set out to collect their candy.


Hertha leaned back in her desk chair.

“Ah, Halloween, a time for expressing the scary, sexy, and fun sides of people,” she thought to herself, “It's not very often that I get to have a bit of all three.”

Hertha walked over to the closet where the spare costumes were stored, opening the door.

“Now, I should try on my little outfit for that late-night party with Ingrid...”

She paused.

Did she place...that costume with the others?

“Uh oh.”


“Two kilos?!? That's insane!”

“Never underestimate the maid outfit, Erik.”
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Re: Hamadyne's "Halloween Costumes"

Postby sky » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:23 pm

Official art to accompany this story. Now. For science.
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