My interest in Anime....

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My interest in Anime....

Post by WolfHunner »

Hopefully others can relate to how I feel about Anime now.
Around last year my interest in anime started to fizzle. I just feel like no matter what season of the year it is, it just seems to become the same generic seinen shows with a different cover over and over again. It seems like it wants to be the only thing to be released, don't get me wrong other things come out being action animes. But even those seem to replicate themselves in a way.

I know the anime industry isn't doing to well due to multiple factors hence it's the reason studios are pushing for this "cute girls doing cute things" content, because it seems like it's the only thing that barley sells DVDs over in Japan. Either that or it's some erotic/fanservice version of that. Today I just watched episodes one and two of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya just to see what the whole jazz about it. I won't continue.

And then there's the generic personality formulas. You know: Tsundere, Yandere, ect. Some of you actually like that kinda stuff, not gonna judge you. But I just don't understand, to me It's just stupid to see someone in a different anime have the same exact personality as another in another one.
You feel me on this?

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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by Likhos »

>not watching knights of sidonia.

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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by Steinherz »

Stop if you want to stop.
And wait till Ufotable's Fate/stay night anime is released.


And enjoy the epicness.

Also, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya is weird. It's a Magical Girl anime, in the Nasuverse.... which makes no sense :lol:
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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by gekiganwing »

I find that it's often wise to look at older series and movies, and then think about them. For instance, Hols, Prince of the Sun was created over forty years ago by several people who are now famous. It's interesting to watch it now after seeing a bunch of works that it inspired.

The r/anime sub-Reddit has a number of organized recommendations. Consider browsing r/animesuggest as well. Start with its wiki, and then look at what's been discussed recently.

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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by WolfHunner »

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.
gekiganwing wrote:The r/anime sub-Reddit has a number of organized recommendations
But thanks in all seriousness.

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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by kosherbacon »

Keep in mind though that anyone just getting into animu has decades worth of good material to go through. Once you've run out of old, good series, it becomes clear that it's just like any other medium. 90 percent of new shows in any given year are crap.
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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by Al Capwned »

I know bad shows exist, but do I try to watch them anyway? No. Find things that aren't what you don't like. I don't like kawaii uguu~ moe blob shows, so I find things that aren't that. If the season is lack luster to the point where I don't feel like watching what's currently airing, that's when I find an older series to watch.

I don't know if you've seen release charts, but you should find some and "pre-screen" what you watch. That way you'll at least know there might be other things relevant to your interests coming up if there isn't anything now.
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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by turbulentDuvet »

I don't really have any system for selecting my Animu.

Recent series I have loved include Bamboo Blade, Baccano, and Eureka 7.

I am quite easily swayed if it involves big robots, mecha, or armoured suits though, so Bubblegum crash, Cyber City Oedo, Dominion City Tank Police, Gundam and so on are a sure hit with me because explosions... detonator orgun, tekkaman blade, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion (can we pretend the movies never happened please), Visions of Escaflowne.... So much robot!!

I have steered a mile around Naruto and Bleach, for no great reason, but I'll watch Dragonball Z over and over!

Generally if everything comes to a halt for an episode of something I get linked, I'll go hunting down a box set for the rest :3
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Re: My interest in Anime....

Post by sky »

WolfHunner wrote:>reddit
Get out of here you pleb.

You remind me of the people who complain about music being dead, and about nobody creating great music anymore.
It's out there, you just don't know how to look.
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