I'm Stepping Down from MS

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I'm Stepping Down from MS

Post by raithfyre »

Hey guys,

Sorry if it seems a little arrogant of me to make my own post about this; I didn't feel it warranted its own blog post (and I didn't wanna steal part of the spotlight from the upcoming one) but I did wanna say something. Basically it just comes down to me being too busy between work, my recent return to school, and other projects to really devote the time needed to write a route for MS - much less two, like I was planning to do. Rest assured, Missing Stars isn't being cancelled or anything and we've already found people to take my place, so progress should be as smooth as always. Hopefully even smoother, since my output plummeted in the last few months.

Anyway though, I just wanted to say thanks for the endless amounts of support over the past couple years. I've been fortunate enough to get to know some of you guys personally, and I've definitely made friends within Somnova itself that are very important to me. I'll still be around the forums (and probably doing odd jobs for the team too), and if you're so inclined, you can also keep up with my nonsense on Twitter. Missing Stars has played a huge role in my growth as a person and as a writer/developer, and I have you guys as fans to thank in part for that.

Thanks for supporting me, and Somnova, and I look forward to anticipating the game from the other side of the crowd now =)
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Re: I'm Stepping Down from MS

Post by zaku »

I'm expecting HRP, starlight vega, and etc. I'm waiting these games when its release. And i'm believe you. Thanks for everything in this project.

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Re: I'm Stepping Down from MS

Post by jarek56 »

I don't even know WHERE you people find replacements for the staff. :XD Who the hell is actually left?

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Re: I'm Stepping Down from MS

Post by Tom Lyon »

Thank you for all your work, and good luck in your future endeavors!
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Re: I'm Stepping Down from MS

Post by Likhos »


At least that was a good experience for you.

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