Resetting Panic Levels

Official Missing Stars News.
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Resetting Panic Levels

Post by raithfyre »

Hello Blogger my old friend

Here to post on you again
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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by jarek56 »

Long have I been the doubting Thomas.

No more.

Is there a fucking donation thing I can send my money to?

NOW you're talking sense. Do or die deadline's are shit. THAT'S the kind of stuff I want to hear from you boys and girls; fuck the deadline, we'll do this however long it takes.

That is the kind of message, promise, I trust.

If you sound like you're giving up, then I believe you are.

But when you throw some beautiful quality sprites and a sound promise of "we know this'll be hard but we'll make it happen", then I believe the Somnova I've dumped three years of stalking and shitposting into is still alive and kicking.

I can't help your journey. I can't. My life, my career, my personal relationships are changing. I'm getting ready to take leave and visit a girl I believe I'm coming to love and spend two weeks with her. My future is bright if uncertain, my life is clear of any serious pressures or woes, I maintain financial stability...

I'd like to think Somnova is hitting an equal stride; you know the task, now you must make it so.

Good Luck! Godspeed! And good hunting! Your lives lie ahead of you, and you should be proud you made those count first. But now comes the long haul of making the next best thing since anything come true. I can do it.

I've stuck around long enough; I believe i'll stick around some more. 25 years old this November and proud of my dedication now.

I like the Sound of Silence reference, Raith. :lol:

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by zaku »

Sad thing, the missing stars will release when its done.
But, good thing is Missing stars never be cancel.

Jarek56 is right. And we believe somnova team.

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by N Bekkler »

Hey there, Josh. It's been a while since Con Amore imploded, and I'm glad to see that Missing Stars is still up and running. Truth be told, I've been reading as little news as possible so that I can play it as blind as possible on release. That said, my schedule has finally opened up for the first time in a while, and you just happen to be looking for more people. If you have any roles that need filling, drop me a line and we'll see if I can jump through hoops to the team's liking.

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by Mr Immortal »

So glad to hear you guys are sticking at this brilliant project! I'll admit that I set my hopes low on the off chance that this project did fall into the depths of wherever it is good ideas go, seeing as several other VN's have had the same fate. But good on you all! Take as long as you need; it's your game, after all :D
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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by Sadiesweet »

I made an account purely to say I'm so, so happy you all have decided to stick with this and fuck the deadlines. I'm super excited to see what the future holds for Missing Stars, no matter how far down the line information comes forth! Keep at it! :)

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by Blank Mage »

Did... did I just inadvertently name a news post? Well, aren't I special.

Sad that we're not getting a demo anytime soon, but happy to know it's not being scrapped as a result. I'm no artist, but if you ever need anything proofread or fine-tuned for character development or consistency, I'd be happy to offer my services. I'm pretty active on the KS fan-fic boards for essentially the same reasons already. I should probably put an avatar on this thing...

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by Several_World »

It's nice to see you guys still around and I'm honestly glad you still have the determination to work on the project. To see this along with the recent WIP update is really making my day. Good luck you guys.

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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by Likhos »


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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by mondz_ms »

Glad you guys/gals are going for the long haul regardless of the deadline you've set up for yourselves. I may not be active around here but know that I'm cheering you on from the sidelines. I was able to wait for Katawa Shoujo for a long time. I can certainly be as patient with this one. ;)
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Re: Resetting Panic Levels

Post by slappetystick »

Thank you, truly. Keep doing your best!

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