Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

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Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by raithfyre »

No longer an active MS developer; I'm just here for the memes

I did make a yuri game called Highway Blossoms though.

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by enagemegane »

"It's not about anything at all."
Waytfm wrote: "Megane is officially my favorite person on these forums."

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by ILY »

Beautiful work on the bedroom :)
I appreciate the gifts you included as well. Especially this one
ILY wrote:Merry happy joyous days and stuff, everyone!

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by jarek56 »

I is partially pleased. :D I'll admit, I hope to see a demo soon. But from the sounds of it, you all are trucking along as best you can. Good luck all, and happy holidays!

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by WolfHunner »

Merry Christmas all

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by sky »

Natasha so cute. I'm in love!
"I'm twice the man Erik is." - Lena Forst

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Re: Happy Holidays (2014 Remix)

Post by Bismarkus »

That Jeanne picture...

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