Translation to Spanish

This is the join thread. Inside you'll find the rules you'll need to apply for the Development team! Enjoy.
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Translation to Spanish

Post by nolroa »

Good evening:

I would like to know the requirements to apply in order to translate this story in Spanish


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Re: Translation to Spanish

Post by ProNice »

Hello nolroa,
your offer has been noticed and was mentioned in the developers chat.
We are grateful for your application. I think the basic requirements are as following:

Language Skills: You should be fluent in both languages (spanish and english) and have an understanding of figures of speech and metaphors. I think that is the most basic requirement to become a translator.

Communication: You will want to talk to the writers. Also it would be good if you have spanish speaking friends to help you proof-reading. And maybe you'll be working in a spanish translation team.

Passion: That's a lot of text and it takes time and a whole lot of dedication to translate all of that. Believe me, you'll need that passion.

and finally the most important (at the time)
Patience: There will be a demo release, but the translation will probably have to wait till the finalization of the entire game.

Thank you again for your interest. We will remember your offer. Stay tuned, until then ;)

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