New Background Artist Application

This is the join thread. Inside you'll find the rules you'll need to apply for the Development team! Enjoy.
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New Background Artist Application

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We are looking for background artists of all shapes and sizes. Unlike the artist application, you'll have a fair bit of latitude in deciding how you want to make the backgrounds. You can either do hand-drawn backgrounds, 3D renderings, or even filtered photos (although you need to make sure that you can get photos of a lot of different locations, as well as know when and where to touch up the filter by hand.)

While you need to be able to establish a strong visual identity for St. Dymphna, you won't have to read every bit of text we've written so far to figure out the layout of the campus; we already have the campus mapped out. We also have some architectural renderings that may be useful to you, so you won't be starting completely from scratch.

So what do we want from you? Make a new thread/PM TJeffy with a message with the subject "(your name) - Background Artist Application and include:
  • A little bit about yourself
    Any previous experience you may have, including renderings of previous work
    A picture of a location you think would fit in well with the Missing Stars universe. You could do a classroom, a dorm room, a church, or whatever else you think would be important to have as a setting.
As with our other applications, we want to make sure you're committed to Missing Stars. While we always love surprise art from fans here and there, this position is a commitment to see this project all the way through. While we have a fairly flexible schedule due to this being a volunteer project, we need to at least be able to contact you regularly. Nothing is worse than the project stalling due to communication coming to a standstill.

If you think you're up to it, please apply! We can't wait to hear from you.

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