New Artist Recruitment

This is the join thread. Inside you'll find the rules you'll need to apply for the Development team! Enjoy.
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New Artist Recruitment

Post by keviniskool »

You may have seen our recent blog post looking for new artists. If that describes you, then you're in the right place!

Unlike previous recruitment posts, we aren't looking for a new style to define the Missing Stars look. You need to be able to match this style:


Artist Requirements
- Strong digital illustration skills
- Comprehensive ability to visualize and draw characters (of all ages and genders)
- Ability to draw scenes of an explicitly sexual nature

Artist Responsibilities
- Will be assigned to either line art or coloring. Instead of having one girl to yourself, you will touch on a little of everything to help keep the look more consistent.

How to Apply
- Make a new thread/Send a PM to TJeffy titled with your username and position you are applying for. (i.e keviniskool - Artist Application)
- If you have a portfolio, include a link to it. If you don't, include some other work with your PM if you can.
- Pick one path character and draw them. While you can draw one of the Holm twins if you really want to, we would prefer to see the other girls. We included links to the characters' tags in our yearbook, which should give you a good impression of what each character should look like.

We are looking for volunteer members willing to dedicate their time and effort to see this project to completion. We all have real-life responsibilities so scheduling is flexible in regards to the project yet follows an internal production schedule. Please, if you do not believe you will be able to continually provide work for the project over a long period of time, do not apply! The consequences of an artist leaving midway through production are much worse than said artist not applying at all.

Thank you very much for your interest, and good luck!

The Holm Twins: Natasha & Natalya

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