IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Talk about whatever you want as long as it's (even vaguely) related to MS.
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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by kosherbacon »

What meds are you on, huffe?
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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by Huffe »

Effexor and Remeron

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by RavynousHunter »

I'm new here, though I've been lurking about for a while. I figured my first post could do as well here as it could elsewhere, goes, my little tale.

As far as diagnosed disorders, I've got ADHD, depression, agoraphobia, and social anxiety disorder. The latter three have been, thankfully, almost entirely eliminated, minus a minor attack or two every few weeks, with some lifestyle changes and no small amount of therapy both professional and personal.

My escapades in deteriorating mental health began when I started kindergarten. I hated it from the first day, it took me away from my family for what felt like almost all day, and...let's just say I've never been terribly popular. That, along with some unfortunate incidences at home due to my dad's brain damage-induced severe mental illness (he's practically a walking DSM because my grandmother and his babysitter would hold him over an unlit, but active, gas stove when he was a baby to stop him from crying), likely sparked the depression I've carried with me my entire life. My bullying situation spiraled out of control rather quickly, and I was becoming asocial by 3rd grade. It is with no small amount of anger that I say that school was, for me, nothing short of 13 years of pure psychological abuse at the hands of whatever little glorified sperm had a chip on their shoulder at the time. Yes, I hate bullies. I still do and likely always will, with a furious passion. They destroy lives, and yet their failures of parents act surprised when one of their victims loses their minds and kills them, but I digress.

Admittedly, I don't remember much of my childhood before 8th grade, minus a few specific events, all of which are negative. I don't remember much of anything good from my school years, or at all, for that matter. I withdrew into myself almost completely by 9th grade, and only had maybe three people in school for whom I genuinely cared. Everyone else, I vehemently hated. Watching them pair off, laughing about their disgusting sexual escapades was enough to send me to a very, very angrily violent place in my mind. Maybe, deep down, I secretly envied them, but honestly...I don't know. The only thing I do know was that I saw them as completely inferior. They would give themselves, on nothing more than a whim, completely to another human being. They They would even love. They wasted all this time and energy on worthless emotional pursuits when they should be preparing for their careers.

My grades suffered horribly after elementary school, mostly due to the fact that being in school was torture of the most hellish variety. The teachers were disappointed, I could see it, and when I did, I hated them even more. I hated pity. I didn't want their understanding either, I just wanted to be left alone. Well, after I got out of high school (yes, I graduated, but I hate using such a positive term for a place so scarily akin to the darkest depths of Hell) I got what I wanted. My family lost our house, but managed to get a new one in the middle of nowhere near where my grandmother lived...shortly after my 18th birthday, as if life itself were laughing at me for trying to enjoy a landmark birthday. My mom and brother both worked 2nd shift, my dad spent almost all damn day hanging around at my aunt's place, and my sleep schedule was such that I was isolated almost all the time I was awake...and no, we didn't have any internet at the time.

The isolation almost drove me into an insane asylum. I started hearing voices and begun to generally lose my grip on reality. It got so bad that I, a man who would (at the time) normally sooner cut my own arm off with a hacksaw than ask for help, broke down and begged my mother to help me. Things got a little better after that, we got the internet back, and I started gaming and talking to folks online, and that put a stopper on my isolation-induced insanity.

But, while gaming...I met a girl. She started out really cool, we liked a lot of the same stuff, talked about gaming in general and music and such, and just...had fun. Enjoying my time with someone that's not my brother was alien then, something I really didn't understand, but nonetheless enjoyed. Eventually, we kinda fell for one another, though she was already with another dude, we tried to make it work as an open relationship kinda thing. Apparently, it didn't work. I don't know what happened, but one day, she just stopped talking to me. No texts, no emails, no Facebook messages, nothing in the game we played, nada. It was the 2nd time I'd flirted with the possibility of being institutionalized.

I spent the days of those eight months of hell flitting between various extremes: one moment, I'd be numb, another one I'd be crying my eyes out, or nearly screaming in rage, or with a furious libido. It...took a long time for me to come to terms with the fact that she wasn't going to come back. But, I'd found a friend in the darkest moments of that bit of...unpleasantness. She was the one that managed to make me see reason. One thing led to another, and I found that, without even really realizing it, I'd found another girl I loved...who was, at the time, with another man. But, I didn't act on my desires, I didn't want to spoil things. I was there for her, I was a good friend first, and just focused on making sure she was happy.

Well, eventually, we both found out that the dude she was with was...kind of a douchebag, and we ended up together, long-distance a few months after their breakup. That was almost 3 and a half years ago. We're still goin strong today, living in a proper apartment together, and while I miss my family a lot (they and I now live about a thousand miles apart), I don't think I've been in a better place in my life.
I'm not nearly as interesting as some of the things I've done would lead you to believe.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by Solomon06 »

I have general anxiety, and panic disorder. Currently on Propanolol.

Things are pretty interesting around here.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by ThisIsCarsonian »

Gloom wrote:I have ADHD, which according to some around here counts as a disorder.

I feel so terribly, boringly sane compared to the lot of you now.

I too supposedly have this ADHD thing. I feel quite plain.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by brainy_kevin »

Mild depression and anxiety, though not to a very serious extent. Despite the fact that a surprising number of people have thought that I have Aspergers, it isn't true. -_-

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by azumeow »

PTSD and clinical depression. (Or, if you want to be fancy-schmancy, Major Depressive Disorder). Been on good ol' Prozac for just over 3 years now. Actually refilled my prescription an hour and a half ago. Funny how these things go.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by SoakedBone »

I have autism, panic disorder with obsessive-compulsive traits (may or may not be full blown OCD), dissociation, and some sort of unspecified mood disorder on the bipolar spectrum. I also get some psychosis-like symptoms but I don't know what causes them.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by Mr_Hollow »

Joined today, decided to post in the forums after a long time of just checkin' the updates.

I've been diagnosed with extreme Anxiety issues and near-clinical depression as well as PTSD and Neuroticism.

They all go hand in hand dealing with my sheltered upbringing and poor social skills. The whole PTSD thing usually occurs when I feel like I'm about to lose everything, I freeze up and just can't get over the thought and finally break down into a panic attack over it.

Hell, I might go get re-evaluated in the near future.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by Someone »

I normally don`t talk about it, unless the person knows it already, but why not.
My treatment history started a little bit more then two years ago, but I have been suffering from these problems for more than that. Right now I m diagnosed with dysthimia (also called melancholia), panic disorder with agoraphobia (but that is mostly under control now) and if I have a third double depression , chances are high that the episodes are chronic and I will have even more of those (yay). As most you know diagnosis are ever changing and get re-evaluated and me and my therapist will have to observe further, but maybe I also have a case of schizotypal ( or avoidant) personality disorder, which wouldn't`t be very good.

Right now I m on mirtazapine and cipralex, I also took tresleen (6 months) together with zyprexa ( 3 weeks, I got so fat because of those) which got changed to seroquel (5 months and a week, but I still use it if I can`t sleep). I have been in therapy for a little bit longer than two years, and I was in a clinic for only 1 Month( the isolation there helped me greatly).

As for me, I m generally a sad sob. It can happen that I have fun with something, but not for long. I m really isolated, I don`t really leave my apartment unless I have to (work twice week, therapy once a week, the rest I m home). I have friends, but I have seen what friendship is between other people, and that makes it seem like my closest friends are actually just anacquaintances.

It effected me in such way that I ditched school ( my record is 5 months straight ditching), eventually I jumped the ship and started looking for work, which leaves me with the lowest education level available in my country, which makes looking for further education pretty damn hard. I had one girlfriend, for like 3 weeks, and nothing really happened in these 3 weeks.

And that`s me, a bundle of things I don't`t wanna have.
But hey, on the bright, if the school was real, I probably would have gone there ( A reason why I m lurking this project)

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by PoivreLeChat »

Hello all, hope you're doing well. I just found this project after looking through KS stuff online, and it sounds amazing. I have OCD and ADHD myself. I'm full of energy, get distracted easily, and rarely sit still. I also have a preoccupation with being perfect that takes up a lot of my thoughts. Because of my issues, I feel very close to the topic of mental illness. Whenever there's a game that features mental illness, from social anxiety, to depression, to bipolar disorder, it really brings out feelings in me that I don't often reveal to others. Mental illness has often isolated me by making it incredibly difficult for me to communicate with others. The feeling of loneliness that comes from no one understanding me sometimes is really painful.

But I feel like video games that touch on the issues that I've experienced bring out that pain and help me come to terms with it. Interacting in a story with characters that I can identify with not only reminds me that I'm not the only person struggling with these issues, but motivates me to open up that part of myself to "normal" people in the hope of spreading knowledge and understanding of mental illness. And maybe doing that enough will change mental illness from a problem into just another thing thay makes me who I am, at least in regards to how ofher people view me.

This project in particular is, in my opinion, brilliant. Just because someone has a mental illness doesn't mean they don't love or have sexual desires. I'm so happy that there are people brave enough to tackle this often taboo topic. I'm really hoping that all of the members of this dev team keep working and eventually realize their goal. Believe me when I say that your efforts, and likely the results as well, will have a profound impact on me. ^_^ Good luck, guys.

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Re: IRL Mental Disorders/Problems That YOU Have

Post by lolM2K »

I have PTSD, my moms boyfriend punched and yelled at me from 9 months old to 4 years old.If i get yelled at or punched i just roll up into a ball and almost cry. Depression and alcoholism has been a problem in my family for a long time, I try to stay away from alcohol I have a high tolerence but if I use that as an excuse i know it would ruin me. My sisters used to excuse me of having anger issues but I knew they used that as a way to cover thier bypolar disorder. On a lighter note (kinda) ADHD, i have it and its fun i never really found it a problem if anything it made me happier (even though some peole find it annoying). So PTSD, depression, ADHD, and maybe alcoholism (not entirely sure)

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