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Forum Rules

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1. No porn or illegal stuff. No links to porn without a NSFW mark.

2. Don’t derail or hijack threads.

3. No post on this board grants any right to feel offended. Behaving like a douchebag will get you banned though, try to keep it civilized

4. No quote pyramids. Keep it one quote within another or less.

5. Absolutely no reddit/9gag/funnyjunk memes.

6. No dox.

7. No debating over politics and religion. All that results is butthurt and ego-stroking.

8. Do not bump threads unless you have something meaningful to contribute. If you make a post that warrants a reply, someone will get to it, eventually.

9. No double-posting - if you have something to add before anyone else does, edit your own post

10. Absolutely no attention-whoring threads

Good posting is:
- Proper use of English. This includes: Good spelling, capitalization, commas and paragraphs.
- Meaningful topics and threads. Threads should have a clear meaning in their topic names and purposely misleading names, aka "trolling", can result in locked or edited threads/posts. Furthermore, repeated actions will result in a permanent ban.
- For large images, please use the [rimg] tags, which will resize your images in a thumbnail on the forum. This will help save time while scrolling.

Bad posting is:
- Spamming posts or topics. This will result in a possible ban.
- Defying any admin or moderator will result in a ban.
- Threads dedicated to 'memes'.
- Avoid single word or one line posts.

- Common sense, and good manners, while interacting with the board or other members is encouraged.
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