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Game FAQ

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Game FAQ
Is "Mentaru Shoujo" really going to be the title?
-The title is now "Missing Stars"

Aren't you guys just ripping off Katawa Shoujo?
- While its true that out group was inspired by the novel premise and success of 4LS and Katawa Shoujo, we are confident that our story is viable and can stand up on its own merits. Our goal is to tell our own story in our own fashion, not to copy what 4LS has already done.

Are you seriously going to make a game about sexually exploiting patients with mental disorders?
- Not all mental illnesses impair an individual's ability to experience romance or consent to sexual activity. In any case, all characters engaged in sex acts will be full consenting adults capable of making conscious adult decisions.

Why are you doing a story on mental disorders, of all things?
- For some of the devs, mental illness is a subject that hits close to home. For others, we just want to tell a story.

Where does this game take place?
- The game takes place in a fictional specialized private school which provides specialized facilities and instruction for students suffering from a variety of mental and neurological disorders. This school, Sty. Dymphna's Privatgymnasium, is located on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria, the birthplace of modern psychoanalysis.

When is the game coming out?
- We don't want to get anyone's hopes up, so we're going by the "when it's done" approach. Follow our blog if you want up-to-date details. Join the forums - get involved with our community! We don't bite, promise~

Mental illnesses are impossible to pull off. How can you seriously expect to handle and display them appropriately?
- Displaying the disorders as accurate and tactful has been our top priority from day one. We have a number of medical advisors, psychiatrists and concerned people in our team for the sole reason of being able to make our characters credible while creating multifaceted and unique personalities beyond the disorder that will contribute to a heartfelt and sincere story.
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